ACM 11.1v 20c Stick Lithium Polymer Battery Review

ACM 11.1v 20c Stick Lithium Polymer Battery Review




The item was supplied by Airsoft Club, their customer service were more than helpful with my inquiries. Their English was good, but not perfect. Nothing a few more questions could not resolve.




The item was wrapped in a bubble wrap parcel and put in a jiffy bag; the individual batteries came just in a small packet, no hard box like most LIPO batteries for the added protection.




The item was posted within a couple of days of ordering and arrived about 14 days after shipping. This seems about usual for the service used. This was Hong Kong Airmail.


1st impressions:


A 1st impression of the battery is that it’s a lot smaller than I thought it would be for the voltage it can produce. Compare it to a 12v NiMh battery its about 1/3 smaller if not a bit smaller. A quick plug into my rifle and it fired with a great rate of fire, on par with a 9.6v (audibly) which for an uncharged, brand new battery to myself I find is great.




I didn’t have a LiPo charger for about 4 months after receiving this battery and in this time the battery had lost a lot of its charge and was at the following voltage before I charged the battery: 6.70v


This was not enough power to turn any rifle over and I have my doubts as to whether this will recharge.


Using the G+P LiPo balance charger I put the battery onto charge in a safe place where I was able to constantly monitor the battery without the need to be stood next to it all the time.


The battery charged up and after 3 hours cell a read it was charged, Cell C charged in 5 hours but cell B would not charge up fully


After charging the battery on a G+P balance charger the battery voltage read: 11.69V


I was able to fit this battery into the top cover space on my AK47s that this battery was bought for. I really thought that it would be great to finally able to use this rifle as the NiMh vapextech batteries I was previously was using just never held its charge. The battery also will fit into the Star/Ares SL9 hand guard. I’m sure there are many other rifles this battery will fit into but is perfect for the AK47 with the top cover battery compartment.


After trying the battery in my LaRue M4 stock tube, AK47S and SL9 all fired well for a few shots. I then moved it to my A&K MK43 and after about 30 – 50 shots the battery gave up and was warm.




The improvements with Lithium-polymer batteries over the standard NiMh or NiCd batteries is that they hold their charge for a lot longer periods. The batteries arrived in a semi charged state and still were able to fire my rifles with no problems, compare this to a NiMh battery charged a week before this test and it didn’t turn the gearbox over at all. The rifle used to test this on was my King Arms AK47s.


The only downside to a Li-Po is that if the voltage drops below 3.0v per cell then it can become un-rechargeable. This happened to me as the battery left over about 4 months lost charge to a point of no return for it. Also these can rapidly discharge and easily set fire if punctured or short circuited. But this will also happen with any battery so common sense tells you not to mistreat any batteries.




The battery could not be faulted when I first got it, but after leaving it for 4 months or so the battery lost charge and was unrecoverable. These are okay batteries if you get a decent one and use it regularly but they are not the best batteries. They do the job; the battery held its charge for a reasonable amount of time and are reasonably priced compared to NiMh batteries. 11.1v can be a bit overpowering for a normal AEG but you can get a 7.4v li-Po which will power most AEG’s.


Li-Po will soon be the choice of battery for most Airsofters and I will say this, Invest in some as they are fantastic and the later generations are a lot safer now so all these horror stories will soon be all but a myth.


The rating of 1/10 for value for money is because you need a new charger and monitoring equipment, but if you have these already and pick up a decent battery and keep it healthy then your set for life.


The improvements was rated low on these as they seemed to have a fault with them that after 50 shots they were dead. I ended up throwing this one away in the end as it bulged up and showed signs that it was going to catch fire.


Lipo’s on a whole are safe, just avoid Chinese products from unknown names.




Build Quality 5/10

Value for money 4/10

Value for money for changing from NIMH/NICD to LiPo: 1/10

Improvements over NiMh: 5/10

Improvements over NiCd: 8/10