ACM ESS Turbo fan goggles Review

ACM ESS Turbo fan goggles Review




Item was supplied from, with thanks to Gabriel who was so fantastic via the live chat system. I contacted them on a Friday night at about 7pm GMT and they were still online, still very friendly and welcomed the enquiries. I purchased a large order and they threw in a few masks that I have reviewed. This I thought was fantastic as that meant I didn’t have to ruin the masks I was already buying.


All the items I purchased from ACMGear were very well wrapped; all the items were as described with no visual defects. I was really pleased with how these were packed so that nothing got damaged during the transit.


Postage was very reasonable, seems to be the cheapest of any shops in Hong Kong with No hidden charges from my investigations (the prices are virtually what you pay at the post office in Hong Kong plus packaging. As I purchased all the items together I was unsure of the postage cost of the individual item.

1st Impressions:

1st impression of these was that they were genuine, everything down to the box they come in were cloned. The goggles look identical to the originals. They didn’t come with the battery for the fan, but this is nothing as they just take 1x AA battery.

The goggles come in a nice carry pouch with a spare lens protective pouch and clear and dark tinted lens.


These goggles are very comfortable and with the fan stop them fogging up with mild use, if you sweat a lot the fan cannot even cope with the fogging so I suggest applying some anti-fog like cat-crap onto the lens before use so that combined with the fan you don’t get any fogging.

The noise of the fan can get a bit annoying on the fast setting, but on the 1st slow setting you hardly notice it on when in a game. I have used these goggles in combination with Black Bear Airsoft shadow mask and it performed very well.



The quality of construction of these goggles seems very high; they have taken a fair amount of abuse and are holding up strong. I don’t expect these to last anywhere near as much as the genuine articles, but I’m only using these on the occasional basis as and when I need goggle rather than wearing a full face mask or mesh goggles. For example: in very tight CQB environments where the risk of breaking BB’s is high.

Protection capabilities:

I have had these goggles shot point blank with a 350fps rifle and it didn’t leave a mark on them at all. I didn’t test above 350fps as the in the UK CQB rifles have to be 350fps and under.


I would recommend these goggles for anyone that is fed up with fogging goggles as they do the job when combined with an anti-fog solution that is applied to the lens. The fan does help to also extract the hot air which keeps you a little cooler than you would be in none fan goggles. I personally am not going to be using these as much as I was hoping as after wearing the rampage full face mask I now prefer that to these goggles. But if I start playing CQB again, these are coming into use again.


Usability: 6/10

Value for money: 7.5/10

Construction: 7/10

Protection: 7.5/10