ACM Leupold M5 Replica 4-14x 50E Illuminated Scope Review

Leupold M5 Replica 4-14x 50E Illuminated Scope Review




This scope was supplied by RSOV, the customer service was very pleasant, I Emailed light and within a day I had a reply. Once my order was confirmed it was sent to the picking and packaging team. Within 2 days my item had been shipped and I had the tracking number in my email inbox.


The item was wrapped inside bubble wrap and placed in its box, then wrapped in heavy duty wrapping paper and well sealed. The item was very well packaged and would have had to have taken a good beating to have broken during transit.

One thing I did notice the packing/custom slip had a mobile number on it that was not mine. The rest of my details were perfect.


The item was sent Speedpost and within less than a week I had the item in my possession. I was half expecting that due to the Christmas season that the postage would have taken longer and possible been delayed until after Christmas. Even clearing customs took no time at all.

1st Impressions

Upon opening the packaging there was this bigger than I thought scope looking out at me. The turrets are big and chunky. The scope is well put together and no loose bits were found. The rifle comes with scope caps that are joined by elastic, Instructions and a lens cleaning cloth. The instructions are just generic between all China made scopes. Unfortunately my version of scope is not featured in these instructions. Although I’m pretty familiar with scopes and how to adjust them, it would have been nice to have some instructions that were relevant to the scope I have.

Only thing I think that could be better would be the supply of scope rings, you need 30mm scope rings from measuring the bore of the scope.


The turret controls are like most scopes but you don’t have to remove a dust cover and adjust with a screwdriver. The turrets are going from the left side to right, Focusing ring, Vertical adjustment and then finally the windage adjustment. Once you have the rifle set to zero you can easily adjust each shot to compensate from windage, yardage and terrain (not all that necessary in Airsoft, windage can be a pain and also if you need to compensate for lack of hop).


Field of view is good being this is a 50MM aperture. Zooming in to 14x magnification you can still see a good area through the scope. Adjusting the focus to the infinite setting you can easily see good clear picture. Bringing the scope in to a close object and keeping it at 14x magnification you then can just set the focus to the correct yardage. Doing this the focus ring worked perfectly and gave very clear picture at 40 yards on full zoom.

Clarity and adjustment

Adjusting the focus works as you have just read in the FOV section, Adjusting the crosshairs to zero is just as simple. You just turn the turrets left or right in accordance to where the shot landed, The instruction booklet does help with this as its generic which way you turn any adjustment wheel.

Once you have this set you will have no problems looking through the scope all day long if needed it is that clear.


This is a very nice scope for the money; it saves you having to spend thousands on the real Leupold scopes and is a lot better than most generic scopes. If you don’t like the slanted front aperture then you can always get a M1 or M3 clone instead of this M5 clone. This is the best scope I have, it would be nice to see range finding lines in the scope like my other expensive scope I have.

I would have scored this a very high 9.5 out of 10 for the usability but because no scope rings were supplied you cannot use this out of the box straight away unless you have ordered the correct scope rings when ordering the scope. I think this scope can be used not only for Airsoft but for any hunting and rifle activities. Some people may say the 4x minimum zoom is too much but I think it’s just perfect for most sniping as you can easily judge minimum distances better.


Construction: 8/10

FOV: 9/10

Accuracy: 9/10

Value for money: 8/10

Usability: 8/10