ACM MICH TC 2000 ACU helmet Review

ACM MICH TC 2000 ACU helmet Review



The item was supplied by Airsoft Club from Hong Kong, their customer service did not respond to my emails, it was only when I emailed the wholesale address that I got through to “Dennis” one of the managers there in charge of wholesale. Once I was dealing with Dennis, the process was smooth and they gave me a few choices of items that they wanted reviewing.


The three items that I received from Airsoft Club were wrapped together inside the helmet which was covered in a thin foam style packaging and then placed inside a box for transit. The box was not sealed, just tied together with string. The items never got damaged or lost so this was adequate packaging.


The item was shipped via Hong Kong Airmail and took about 8 working days to arrive. The item was able to be tracked, however I wasn’t supplied this tracking number. This is no problem as it got here safely.

1st Impressions:

1st impressions of the helmet it looked very sturdy. I’m not usually a fan of helmets as they can be uncomfortable, but the padding inside the helmet makes this a very comfortable helmet to wear. I tried to wear it with the Rampage mask that I wear and it’s a no go, the helmet is just too large. However there is the Version of mask that has been released recently that works with these helmets. With normal goggles and the smaller mask that I have there were no problems wearing this helmet comfortably.


Fitting the helmet is easy once it’s adjusted; you just put it on and clip the chin strap in place. Adjusting the helmet to sit square on the head and also not too tight to be uncomfortable but tight enough to not fall off is a slight pain but only took me 5 minutes by adjusting the 4 adjustment points.




The Comfort of the helmet is a lot better than the last helmet I wore of the similar design. The padding makes it feel light on your head rather than squashing it like some do.

I hit my head a few times with my magazine and also my hands to try and simulate as many knocks as I could. Some of the shock was transferred to my head but it didn’t feel uncomfortable at any time.




The durability of the helmet is good, it took a good few bangs easily, and tapping my magazine against the helmet (as you do if you get a jam) made no dent or damage to the helmet. Also shooting the rifle with my 550fps Sniper rifle from 15m away resulted in just 5 marks on the side of the helmet I have a feeling that unless you were to drop this helmet from a large height (more than head height) and then it will withstand the impact. I dropped the helmet onto the ground from about 1.5m height and it’s still intact.



If you’re after a helmet that is comfortable, durable then this is a good helmet to choose, there are other versions of the helmet in the MICH line which look more modern and if they are of the same construction as this then I would say they would be good also.

If you’re a person who likes to wear masks, then this helmet is not really for you unless it’s just the half face masks.

I won’t be using this in woodland environment as it will get me too hot and sweaty, but I feel that it will become very useful for CQB environments as it offers the protection to the rear of your head and also some ear protection.


Build Quality 8/10
Value for money 8/10
Comfort: 8/10
Ease of fitment: 7/10