ACM Oakley clone tactical gloves Review

ACM Oakley clone tactical gloves Review




Item was supplied from, with thanks to Gabriel who was so fantastic via the live chat system. I contacted them on a Friday night at about 7pm GMT and they were still online, still very friendly and welcomed the enquiries. I purchased a large order and they threw in a few masks that I have reviewed. This I thought was fantastic as that meant I didn’t have to ruin the masks I was already buying.


All the items I purchased from ACMGear were very well wrapped; all the items were as described with no visual defects. I was really pleased with how these were packed so that nothing got damaged during the transit.


Postage was very reasonable, seems to be the cheapest of any shops in Hong Kong with No hidden charges from my investigations (the prices are virtually what you pay at the post office in Hong Kong plus packaging. As I purchased all the items together I was unsure of the postage cost of the individual item.

1st Impressions:

Upon receiving the Item, I couldn’t tell these were clones. The material used in these gloves felt very durable. There were a few loose strands from the stitching which I’m sure the genuine items would have as well. The Carbon look knuckles felt strong, but you could tell this was not genuine carbon fibre.



The gloves fitted my large hands very well. I had ordered the large gloves and they felt spacious, yet not too loose to cause rubbing. The gloves did have a few little bits that felt uncomfortable, but moving them about you got around this (I’m presuming that the seams are not finished to a high a standard as the genuine Oakley’s. Gripping my rifle, there was no slipping and it felt that if I hung off the rifle the gloves would offer enough grip to stay there for a long time. I did find that the knuckle protectors offer substantial protection which I was surprised at.



The gloves are constructed very well with no loose seams, the material used look identical to the genuine gloves but I’m sure the actual materials are totally different as you are paying substantially less for these gloves. The carbon fibre look knuckle protectors do look good but if you squash them sideways they do bend very easily.

I have machine washed these gloves after every game and they are still looking as good as the day I 1st got them. I do give the gloves a fair bit of abuse when I play and I half expected to find after a game or two for some of the stitching to come loose, but so far they are holding up well.

Protection capabilities:

The gloves offer perfect protection for Airsoft and even paintball. I’ve used these in the winter when I was clearing snow and they offered reasonable thermal protection too. I don’t think these would last in a daily war situation, but for a weekly/monthly game these are good gloves. I could even see these being suitable for using as cycling gloves as they come in fingerless versions too.


These are good gloves for the money, are very useable for day to day general tasks and any Airsoft/paintball games you go to, but if your wanting to use them for more hardcore activities I would not advise to go with these.

That said, I’m more than happy to use these over the Viper gloves I have as they are far more comfortable for the way I play my games. I have tried these, SOLAG clones and Viper spec op gloves and out of the 3, I like these best by far.


Usability: 8/10

Value for money: 9/10

Construction: 7/10

Protection: 7/10