ACM “Rambo” Tan M6 pistol Rifle LLAM unit Review

ACM “Rambo” Tan M6 pistol/Rifle LLAM unit Review


The item was supplied by from Hong Kong, their customer service did not respond to my emails, it was only when I emailed the wholesale address that I got through to “Dennis” one of the managers there in charge of wholesale. Once I was dealing with Dennis, the process was smooth and they gave me a few choices of items that they wanted reviewing.


The three items that I received from Airsoft Club were wrapped together inside the helmet which was covered in a thin foam style packaging and then placed inside a box for transit. The box was not sealed, just tied together with string. The items never got damaged or lost so this was adequate packaging.


The item was shipped via Hong Kong Airmail and took about 8 working days to arrive. The item was able to be tracked, however I wasn’t supplied this tracking number. This is no problem as it got here safely.

1st Impressions:

1st impressions of the unit was that the Tan body looked good, but the front metal part looked more gold than Tan. The Unit is has a QD 20mm RIS rail attachment which will fit most Pistols with Rail attachment and also any Rifle with 20mm RIS/RAS rails on it. The unit also comes with a remote pressure switch for the Light unit. The unit also does not come with batteries and it doesn’t say on the box what batteries it takes. The unit also does not come with any instructions on how the unit works.

The Laser and Light aiming Module (LLAM) was felt very light weight which is important so that it does not make a pistol front heavy.


Fitting the LLAM to my Glock was really simple. The QD design makes for very easy fitting.  It also fitted the unit to my AK47 tactical and M4 Larue and it fitted very easily and didn’t look out of place on the rifles either.


Installing the batteries is a very easy process; you unclip the rear panel, install the batteries and then clip the back panel back in place. Once you have the batteries in place you have 2 option of turning the unit on.  You can either have the remote lead attached and this gives you the ability to just have the unit on when you need it most, alternatively there is the other option of removing the remote lead and using the on off push button switch. I find the remote option is better for rifles and the on off switch is perfectly placed for pistols.

The LLAM unit has 4 operation methods also; you can have it off permanently off so you don’t waste the battery when you don’t need it, Light and laser, Light only and Laser only. The switch for this is a rotary switch on the back of the laser unit.

The torch itself is extremely powerful and lights my whole back garden up when I turn it on in the dark. My back garden is about a 20m square


The unit is constructed of robust ABS and metal parts. Knocking the unit does miss align the laser, but how ever a simple resetting of the laser unit on the rail and it centres up nicely again. I have yet to use this in heavy battle situations but it’s so far holding up well to the occasional knock and hit from bb’s also. I wouldn’t say this would be perfect for precision aiming with the way it goes out of alignment, but if you’re in CQB with the torch as well its perfect as you will blind the enemy and know you’re on target enough to hit him with a BB. Just don’t aim the laser into eyes.

Since using this for a few skirmishes the button on the back of the unit which turns the unit permently on or off has snapped off and I have to push the inners of the switch, its no big problem but it is something to take note of.


This is a very nice unit; The Tan version does not look as nice as the black unit. But if you’re after a desert load out then this makes a perfect choice. The small extra hump to the unit for the laser is very not too large and I would rather have the option of a laser as well as a light instead of just a light.

I would however if your all about how the item looks on your pistol you might want to re-spray the front end. To me it wouldn’t bother me as I’m not going to be running round a skirmish field looking how my unit looks, I would rather be using it to my advantage to get some good kills.

The unit does hold its alignment but the rail mount means it does move when knocked. It seems perfect for pistols, not so suited for rifles if you are using it for sniper spotting or have it set up with your scope for range finding.


Build Quality: 6/10
Value for money 8/10
Ease of fitment: 8/10
Torch illumination: 9/10
Laser power: 8/10