ACM Replica Magpul PTS MOE Hand-Guard for AEG review

Replica Magpul PTS MOE Hand-Guard for AEG review


The item was supplied by a new Hong Kong shop , their customer service is fantastic. I contacted them on their live chat and spoke to 2 of the operators. Both of them were courteous and very helpful.


The items were well packed into a larger box and the empty space filled. The items were very well packed and suffered no transit damage.

The item was shipped with UPS Saver and was with me in a short period of time, A small stop in customs was easily cleared with out any problems. Invoice total all matched the price I paid. All prices seem to be reasonable, there shipping is what caught my eye, it was cost price plus there packing charges. No hidden charges like some shops I have ordered from

1st Impressions:

1st impressions on the hand-guard is that it looks like the real item, there are trademarks on the outside and inside of the item. The feel of the item is excellent and is very strong and sturdy. I tried to fit the hand-guard to my GBBR and its too long. Fitting it to my M4 AEG however is a simple; it clips into place easier than a normal M4 hand-guard.


I have never really been a fan of Magpul and never saw what all the fuss is about but I have to admit the feel and look of this hand-guard on my M4 does look really nice. I wouldn’t buy the hand-guard from Magpul as the price don’t justify the extra wow factor on my M4, but as the replica price is reasonable, I would not hesitate at buying another one for my next M4 project.


Fitment of the hand-guard is so simple. You just pull back on the Delta ring and remove the old hand-guards, Insert the new MOE one and you just release the Delta ring and it holds it all in place, Simple! I ordered mine with the hand-guard rails; these just screw on in 5 minutes and give the added benefits of being able to add a vertical grip. You can also remove the bottom section to easily fit a M203 launcher.


This is a great addition to the rifle at a reasonable price. Its strong and sturdy, good looking and easy to fit, I would recommend getting the rails with it as they give a lot more adaptability to the hand-guard.  I would how ever like to see china make this in green so I can make my spotters weapon I always wanted to make. Next I think I will make a complete Magpul rifle with all the parts I can get from

I have had this hand-guard fitted for a few weeks now and I have been fairly abusive with the item, as of yet I have had no problems with it.

This is defiantly one of the best purchases I have made for an external upgrade in a while


Value for money: 9/10

Durability: 9/10

Ease of fitting: 10/10

Looks: 9/10