ACMGear Retailer Review.

Company detail:


Country of origin: Hong Kong

Email: yes

Live chat: yes

Browsing the website

The website if very well laid out, there is a web banner in the middle which shows the company’s products they can official distribution and the latest products they have added.

On the left there are the product categories which are nicely laid out and easy to navigate. Below the categories there is the image and link to show that the site is SSL secured. This is a welcome addition to the site as I know that my details are protected from being hacked. There are also hot items and information about becoming a part of the ACMGear promotion team. This is a very good idea and allows you to get small rewards for promoting the store more in areas where you play and forums you use.

On the right border you have live chat button, recent orders, currency selection, competition banner and then a tag cloud. The live chat I must say is a very warm welcome; I tested it out when I was looking for the Black Bear Airsoft masks to review. I spoke with Gabriel and he was pleasant. Had good English and understood me without using the English/Chinese language barrier excuse.

Along the top there are home page, new product, tracking, reviews, about us, blog and wholesale categories.

The about us has a nice section regarding the company and why they can offer lower prices than the competition. Also speaking on live chat and reading their facebook it seems ACMGear are after making the sport better and more affordable to you instead of just out to make profits.

Their blog could do with a bit of an update, but their facebook page makes up for that as it is regularly updated. If you haven’t already I would like them so you can find about any offers they are running.


When it came for me to register, the process was simple, (as per most stores) and within a few minutes I had my account. I could no progress to add my products to my basket. I could have used the express checkout where I didn’t need to sign up, but as I’m testing the site fully, I decided to sign up for an account.

Adding products to the basket

Adding products was easy and when in the cart you had all the usually buttons so you can go back to shopping, adjust quantities or progress to the checkout. Once I had all my items in the basket, I progressed to the check out process.


When you click on checkout in the basket, the next screen displays the shipping costs. I was really surprised at this point; the shipping was cheaper than I expected it to be. Comparing it to the competition there was about $30 difference between ACMGear and the competition (I won’t be naming names here).

I decided to pay the little extra and get my items faster using the EMS service. I progressed to the next stage and another little surprise was I could choose to pay with Alert pay, Inpay or PayPal. I use PayPal for ease but it can be annoying with some of the extra costs so Alert pay and Inpay is a nice option.

On this screen you can also choose to add a discount code if you have one and/or select shipping insurance. Insurance is $20 extra but well worth it on larger orders so you don’t get out of pocket should something go wrong in the transit.

Confirming my payment option you get to a review screen, here you can edit all your order details or confirm the order. I confirmed and was transferred to my PayPal where I then paid and completed the order.

Dispatch time

My order was dispatched within 3 working days and was then promptly emailed with the tracking details which I can either use the website provided or even the tracking screen on the ACMGear homepage.

Delivery and packaging

I cannot comment on the delivery as it was fast like EMS should be (nothing to do with ACMGear so that’s why no comment on it)

The items were very well wrapped and suffered no damage. All items were present and correct and not damaged.  I was very happy with the order. They had also remembered to include the extra masks for the reviews and I had forgotten to remind them when I ordered. This was a nice added bonus as it saved me having to order anything else just to get the masks.



Nicely laid website

Live chat

Great customer service

Cheap prices

Cheap shipping

Fast shipping

All items get quality checked before shipping.


Sometimes the checkout process has a hiccup and won’t let you progress

The checkout process needs back buttons all the way through as using the browser to go back makes the checkout has a hiccup as per the con above.




I am very impressed with this store, it have renewed my faith in ordering from Hong Kong. I highly recommend you check them out, even if you don’t order, it’s worth seeing what they have to offer.
I know I will be ordering from them again in the near future. I will be bringing you lots more reviews of the items I purchased from ACMGear