AGM GBBR M4A1 review

AGM M4 GBBR Review





The item was supplied to me by Tokyo Model Company in Hong Kong. The price of the rifle and spare mag came to $233 including postage. The Rifle was $125 and the magazine $26.




Postage took 3 business days from shipping to delivery. The item passed through customs within a day and was not held. My skirmisher details were written on the shipping label and also the invoice. The shipping costs were fairly high but for the speed of service it was better than other couriers. Postage cost me $83.

This works out $16 cheaper than RSOV




The item was packaged in the retail box, with the lid being turned inside out and then wrapped in the heavy shipping paper


1st Impressions:


The 1st impression of the rifle when I got it was that it was displayed in a very well made box and cut foam padding, The Rifle has a nice balanced weight to it but the magazines are heavy. Even the lightweight Version 2 magazine is heavy compared to a full AEG hi-cap.

Picking the rifle up there was no wobble in the body but the complete front end was loose. I tightened up the Delta ring and it seemed nice and solid, the cocking of the bolt was smooth but sounded a little dry. I noticed that the rifle has to be cocked before the safety can be applied.


Supplied items:


1x M4 GBBR

1x Magazine

1x Sling (throw away the ends are terrible)

1x cleaning rod

1x Speed loader

1x Manual



Loading the magazines is easy. When filling the gas I found it better to give them a tap to make sure the valve has seated correctly. The magazines take a lot of gas in them, Enough for 1 1/2 fills I have found if you fill it as full as possible.

I found it best to cock and lock the rifle, put it on safe and then insert the mag. This then gives you an empty breach for the mag to fit into and not bend any part if something is miss-aligned. Also when releasing the bolt catch you can see if the magazine will vent on 1st shot or not as to whether the bolt goes fully forward. I have had the 1 mag vent on me 2 times now due to it sticking.

When it’s firing, the action is smooth and sounds nice and crisp. However this can start to get a bit annoying as it’s fairly loud and can’t be silenced in anyway by a silencer. The recoil is crisp on Propane (green gas) and gives a good thump back. How ever I can’t see this being anywhere near to a 5.56mm round. (Used to fire them in the army cadets)

I found that on single shot the bolt stop never works but on auto it will eventually catch. Looking into the breach it looks as if the catch is wearing to a rounded edge letting the bolt slip forward.

Adjusting the hop is a little tricky as you have to remove the hand guard but once set it does not move. The hop was giving me about 50M range firing on Propane



Upon firing the front section came undone and fell off, I refitted it and noticed the delta ring was not tightening up fully. This is down to poorly cut threads. I fixed this by wrapping 3 layers of PTFE tape around the thread in the opposite direction of doing it up. I then tightened fully and tested. This has held firm for 150 rounds so far (fell off in 50 last times)





This rifle with a bit of care and attention has the ability to be an awesome rifle. I can’t see it being good for fast games but Mil-sim games it is more suited. The magazines need a bit of work getting them into the rifle which I’m hoping over time will free up a bit more. With a few upgrade parts fitted into this it will improve the life of the rifle considerably. I would advise changing the bolt lock and hop unit only until other parts break. All in all this is worth the money but as per all WA style GBBR will need some money spent on them repairing bits that break. I think I will be sticking to my AEG’s for now until a better quality GBBR comes along. This will get used for back yard shooting practice and for mil-sim events as long as I can get all the magazines freely fitting and not jamming the bolt up.




Build Quality: 5/10

Usability: 6/10

Value for money: 7/10

Looks: 7/10




Since using this for a few plinking sessions in the back garden the frontend fell off again due to poor moulding/machining of the thread for the delta ring. The piston self destructed itself and the hop is terrible.


I have now fitted a new King Arms receiver, New upgrade parts and new external parts to this (I think all that is AGM now is the bolt and the parts that hold the magazine catch and buffer stop in place.


On this note I would advise you all to avoid purchasing one of these rifles.