Airsoft Claymore

Ambush or defend yourself with the airsoft claymore:

This is the ultimate defense weapon, hidden properly it can be used to defend your position, set an ambush or just used to defend an objective. It is the Airsoft claymore.

You can place the claymore in the ground, booby trap objectives or set it up on a tree for a mid height trip line.

The model I have comes with a 10m wire for firing, previously it used a 9v battery but I have since wired it to take an external 8.4v mini battery. This adds a second safety for when arming the unit and a safety for once it’s armed. A quick plug in of the battery and press of the button fires it so no real time is lost.

The 8.4v also makes firing the unit faster as it will fire as soon as the button is pressed where as on a 9v battery you would need to press and hold the button for a few seconds. Usually only getting 1 or 2 firings before needing to change the battery.

The latest ACM Claymores work on a remote firing unit which is just like a car remote. You can program in 4 mines to individually fire on each button. These are much better and if you are going to be doing large game evens I would take 4 of these out into an arena so that I can set up defences and ambushes to protect myself.

The trip wire is a little harder to set up; I still have yet to work out how to do it correctly. If anyone knows, email me at