A&K M4 M16 5000 round manual wind Box magazine review

A&K M4/M16 5000 round manual wind Box magazine

Before I start this review, I would like to point out that I bought this item 2nd hand of a forum. This review should give the readers a bit of information about the abuse it can take from being skirmished before I get to review it.

Ordering and dispatch:

I cannot really comment on the ordering process of this as I bought it 2nd hand off ArniesAirsoft forums, I can comment however on the user that I bought it off, his communication like most on ArniesAirsoft forums was superb. I haggled the price and then paid. .He dispatched it the following day and I received it the following day after he posted it..

Receiving the item:

It was delivered to me this morning all sealed up, very well packaged, the item was inside its original box, and that in turn was inside another box with sufficient padding between the two boxes to avoid damage.

First impression:

On opening the box there lay looking at me what looked to be a well constructed box magazine. There didn’t seem to be any creaks with it and there were only a few minor marks on it from the previous owner’s use of this.

There were 2 ways to fill this item, 1 was the usual way of filling a high capacity magazine and the other is the Quick fill hatch on the side of the box.

I was also impressed with the instructions on the box, so there is no little instruction sheet to loose. How ever the instructions are a bit poor but after a few reads and looking at the diagram it become clear how to operate.


Very easy to fill, you just open the fill port, pour in 2000 rounds, open up the storage chamber (bottom section) fill another 1000 rounds and fill the storage chamber again.  Then fill the remaining 2000 rounds and fill as much as the storage chamber as you can ( you will notice the fast transfer knob wont move back to normal position now this indicated the storage chamber is full) then top up the magazine until it has just a small gap between the bb’s and the fill port (say about 500bb’s worth). If you fill with 0.20- 0.25g your fine, if you fill over 0.25gbb’s into this then its advised to half fill due to a maximum weight limit.


I found that it would fit into my very old very cheap Dboys all plastic M4, also it would fit into my Dboys M4A1 with no problems, it wont fit into my L85 series rifle and it did fit into a Classic Army Scar light with no problems but you do have to occasionally push the bolt release catch in as you insert the magazine otherwise it may catch and not install correctly.

The winding mechanism of the magazine is like all High capacity magazines and I found no problems with it, the ratchet of the wheel seems stiff and secure, it then will feed between 1000-2000 rounds and start to not feed. Upon this happening you turn the transfer knob and tilt the magazine to the right/and upside down which will then supply the feeder with another 1000-2000 rounds. Repeat this until the storage chamber is also empty.



All in all a very good product, the design could have been a bit less box shape, the last few bb’s seem to struggle to feed the gun but as you have 5000 rounds to play with, 50 or 60 bb’s isn’t a real problem. The fast filling system works nicely and is accessible while the magazine is inserted into the rifle.


Construction 8/10

Looks 8/10

Feel 9/10

Design 9/10

Price 10/10 for 2nd hand price 7/10 for new price