ICS Aluminium Piston Review


The item was supplied from Zero one in the UK. My friend ordered this for me as he owed me some money. He did say they never processed his order as they had told him but gave him the items for free after he complained about the large mess up with the order.


The item was sent in the original ICS packaging in a large jiffy bag. The packaging was sufficient for the piston as BB’s were also sent in the package which helped protect the piston.


The item was sent next day 1st class recorded delivery and after the mess up it did arrive the next day after zero one dispatched the order.

1st impressions:

Upon opening the package I thought I had the wrong piston. It personally didn’t feel like metal at all. The piston is all black and has 1 steel tooth on the front of the piston. Also 1 tooth is missing from the back of the piston to help with engagement of the sector gear. After a bit of time I could see the piston was in fact aluminium and it was overall very well finished.


I installed the piston into my AGM M14 sniper rifle DMR which I had finally installed a M150 spring into it. This spring had broken the Deepfire piston that I had initially installed in the gearbox. With the M150 spring and zero hop applied I was getting a steady 410-420fps with 0.20g bb’s.

The Single shot trigger response with a mosfet and an 8.4v 3700Mah large battery is good for a standard AGM motor and gear set. I will try installing a High torque motor later but for now the motor that is installed is nicely doing the job.


Installing the piston into the rifle is fairly easy. If you’re fitting it to a Version II or III gearbox then it is really simple, Version 2 gearboxes are the easier of the 2 to work on. Version 3 has a tricky trigger arrangement that as long as you’re patient and very careful, you can reassemble without too much hassle.

The gearbox I’m installing the piston into is a Version 7 hybrid made by AGM. It’s by far one of the easiest gearboxes to work on, just accessing it though, that is what takes the time.

I will be doing strip down and upgrade guides of Version 2, 3 and 7 gearboxes shortly and putting them in my technical upgrade section.

I would suggest that when you install the piston head, you loctite the screw in place so that under the continued use, the piston head does not come loose and cause the gearbox to jam up. Vented piston heads are by far the better to use as well as they help improve the seal of the o-ring onto the cylinder wall and reduces suck back as well.


The improvements over the standard TM piston are that the full metal piston and 1 steel tooth gives the piston a lot more durability for high torque setups. I have the rifle with an SHS M150 spring fitted and it has not once missed a beat.

Once I had fitted the piston with the upgrades mentioned below I fired approximately another 100 shots through the rifle on single shot (rifle is limited to single only) and then I opened the gearbox back up and there seemed like no wear on the piston rails or the teeth.
I will regularly service this rifle as its at such a high FPS compared to my standard AEGs of 350fps and if I see any wear or signs of failure I will update accordingly.

Rifle Upgrades:

Currently the rifle already has the following upgrades installed:

  • King Arms 7mm Bearings (gearbox professionally milled out)
  • SystemA Area 1000 cylinder and cylinder head
  • Guarder Tappet plate
  • Guarder M120 spring
  • Tokyo Marui piston and none vented piston head
  • Guarder Steel cut off lever
  • Guarder Version 7 Nozzle
  • SHS M150 Spring

The upgrades that I will be fitting to the rifle in the future will be:

  • SHS High Torque motor
  • Vanaras 6.03mm 550mm long Barrel
  • Element 65 degree Hard hop Rubber

I’m hoping for a steady FPS of 450 – 500fps with this setup. I will mainly be using this as a semi auto sniper rifle over a DMR due to the added range I hope to get from this set up.


The price of the piston was about £16 plus postage. Comparing this to a Tokyo Marui piston or even the Deepfire piston that was £30 and broke I have to admit this is one fantastic piston. The piston can withstand large loads from the springs and will even work with these spring powers on full auto at a good rate of fire still.

The removed piston tooth allows the piston to engage properly for high speed and high torque setups also. I think the piston itself would be too heavy for really high speed setups, but for someone that wants a high durability piston in something like a DMR or even a M249 with a slightly increased ROF then this is s great piston to choose.
It’s hard to choose a piston as there are so many out there but for this DMR I’m sticking with this piston unless it breaks and then we will have to see if any other pistons can take the punishment I want them to take.


Value for money: 8/10
Durability: 9/10
Construction: 9/10
Ease of installation with fully assembled rifle: 3/10
Ease of installation with gearbox out of rifle: 9/10

I would only advise you take apart your AEG if you are competent with how the rifles work. Any guides I have mentioned about that my site has are for reference only and cannot be held responsible if you make an error in stripping or rebuilding your rifle.