ASG AW.308 Bipod Review

ASG AW.308 Bipod Review





Item was supplied From Actions Sport Games (ASG). There communication was slow at 1st due to a dead email link or a technical problem. Once I finally got my message to them they responded extremely quickly to make up for lost time due to the previous problems. All emails were answered and max time I had to wait was 2 days.


The item was well packaged in with the other items on the order. All excess space was packed with extra packaging to avoid movement in transit. All items came in good condition with no damage to the box.


The postage was via UPS surface and came within 3 days of shipping. I received an email within minutes of the items being submitted to UPS to be collected. I then managed to track its every step online. I worked it out that it travelled 1600KM via land in 3 days.

1st Impressions:

Upon removing the item from the packaging I was surprised to find a well constructed bipod and it also included a RIS rail adaptor and spare stud. The bipod has spring eject legs and are medium length. There is also a place for a sling loop to be installed.


With the legs being shorter than the Classic Army bipod, you have to get lower down which is ok because it will reduce your silhouette but also can get quite cramped if firing down a slope or up one for a matter. The spring eject legs work well with settings all the way down it for different heights. What made this bipod good is the inclusion of a Tilt mechanism which enables you to counteract windage with tilting the rifle left to right.  The thumb screw and Allen bolt make easy assembly of the rifle and bipod in the field (good if you carrying it in a case until you need to stop in a stationary position.


Nice bipod with a lot of good features, very cheap for the quality of it and been improved over the original versions that are floating about still. The only down side to the bipod is the legs in my opinion could do with being slightly longer.


Usability: 8/10

Value for money: 10/10

Construction: 9/10