ASG CO2 CZ 75D Compact review

CZ 75D Compact CO2 pistol Review


Item was supplied From Actions Sport Games (ASG). There communication was slow at 1st due to a dead email link or a technical problem. Once I finally got my message to them they responded extremely quickly to make up for lost time due to the previous problems. All emails were answered and max time I had to wait was 2 days.


The item was well packaged in with the other items on the order. All excess space was packed with extra packaging to avoid movement in transit. All items came in good condition with no damage to the box.


The postage was via UPS surface and came within 3 days of shipping. I received an email within minutes of the items being submitted to UPS to be collected. I then managed to track its every step online. I worked it out that it travelled 1600KM via land in 3 days.

1st Impressions:

Upon opening the box I was amazed at the look of the pistol.

The two tone slide looked really nice. Pulling the slide back my heart sunk a little, I thought I had been supplied the wrong version as the box says blowback, but the pistol looked NBB to me. Reading the manual I was even more convinced it was a NBB pistol. Anyway I carried on looking to see if there were any other flaws or high notes. The package comes with 100 Goldfire BB’s which are extremely polished (I measured 10 for diameter and the average is 5.92 +/- 0.02mm) The little screwdriver tool supplied for the hop and magazine is nice but if the screw driver bit was on the end as well it would be better as I nearly had a CO2 cartridge under pressure fire out the mag at me.

The Trades are nicely engraved into the slide, comparing it to a picture of a real steel pistol there is some minor differences but not too much that I’m worried as I just like a pistol that fires. The frame is plastic with a RIS rail for attachments and a safety switch. Grips are rubber and have the trademark logo on them. The metal slide finishes the pistol off nicely. I did notice that the outer barrel had no screw thread for a silencer as the box says it does.


Removing the Magazine it looks a funny shape, there is a long follower on it to put the BB’s into the chamber. I first installed a 12gm CO2 capsule into the magazine as the instructions show, this took a bit of patience so as not to get it wrong and injure yourself. Once installed and tight you can load the rounds into the magazine, It’s a single stack 16 round magazine. The instructions said to apply a small amount of silicon to the 1st bb in the magazine (I wouldn’t do this on every mag fill but I would every day you take it out and clean the barrel before putting it away). Installing the loaded magazine on the 1st attempt is extremely hard. It will give a huge amount of resistance but once installed its very secure.

Test firing:

The System works amazingly well, the accuracy was terrible but I had just run some silicon through it and not set the hop unit. I fired the full magazine off and then retreated quickly from the garden as this beast of a pistol produces one hell of a bang (near live rounds noise level). The trigger is a two stage trigger as when you cock it, it moves it back ready for firing, and it how ever does not cycle the mechanism when in the un-cocked position. The range with hop off is inaccurate but a good 30-40 meters.
I cleaned the barrel and then set the hop and the range improved and easily made 45m and accurate to 25m. Due to the way the blowback mechanism works there is no slide lock or open breach. Also there is not a lot of slide travel but there is still some kick to this baby.


Nice constructions, very nice firing with a nice blowback mechanism which is new type compared to most open breach style pistols. The mechanism seems to be really efficient on gas as there are not many moving parts. Only the slide moves and the blowback mechanism stay put. I have managed to put over 50 rounds down the range and still it keeps on firing. With the hop set the accuracy is good but not hugely consistent as the shots at 30m vary by about 3 meters (pistols are short range side arms so its perfect for my use as a sniper’s back up). The power of this pistol is 1.1J Max so might be limited to woodland use only if some CQB sites want under 1J muzzle velocity..


Value for money 9/10

Build quality 8/10

Performance 10/10

Usability 7/10