ASG Legion Series Flashlight Review

ASG Legion Series Flashlight Review


Item was supplied From Actions Sport Games (ASG). There communication was slow at 1st due to a dead email link or a technical problem. Once I finally got my message to them they responded extremely quickly to make up for lost time due to the previous problems. All emails were answered and max time I had to wait was 2 days.


The item was well packaged in with the other items on the order. All excess space was packed with extra packaging to avoid movement in transit. All items came in good condition with no damage to the box.


The postage was via UPS surface and came within 3 days of shipping. I received an email within minutes of the items being submitted to UPS to be collected. I then managed to track its every step online. I worked it out that it travelled 1600KM via land in 3 days.

1st Impressions:

Nice torch with both pressure pad and push button switches on them, Comes with 3 x AAA batteries and a Velcro strip for mounting the push button to the rifle. The torch has CZ trademarks printed on it. The only thing missing is the mount for mounting it to a RIS rail.


The torch as it comes is unusable as a rifle mounted torch until you get yourself the correct mounting cage/bracket. This though can be used as a normal torch and the LED gives off immense light. Never look into the beam as I accidentally did and had a light spot in my eyes for a good 20 minutes. The torch has a nice metal construction and seems to take knocks easily. The pressure pad has 4 little switches and all work nicely. The on/off button switch is a little tight but once on you don’t have to work about it.


Nice torch, shame it never came with a mount but will get a lot of use in my kit for map reading in dull conditions, and just general hand held night work. Once you have the correct mount, this will be very useful in night games and CQB environments.



Usability: 8/10

Value for money: 8/10

Construction: 9/10