ASG Strike Systems Red cross Acog Review

ASG Strike Systems Red cross Acog Review


Item was supplied From Actions Sport Games (ASG). There communication was slow at 1st due to a dead email link or a technical problem. Once I finally got my message to them they responded extremely quickly to make up for lost time due to the previous problems. All emails were answered and max time I had to wait was 2 days.


The item was well packaged in with the other items on the order. All excess space was packed with extra packaging to avoid movement in transit. All items came in good condition with no damage to the box.


The postage was via UPS surface and came within 3 days of shipping. I received an email within minutes of the items being submitted to UPS to be collected. I then managed to track its every step online. I worked it out that it travelled 1600KM via land in 3 days.

1st Impressions:

Looks really nice, the scope has a nice rubbery feel to it and feels well constructed. There is a spare battery in the foam lined box. The scope is a 1/1 replica of the real ACOG and even has the proper type of red dross rather than just a straight forward dot. With 7 brightness settings this is a nice scope


The quick release screws make this really easy to fit to any RIS rails and compliments most rifles. Whether it a M249 or a M4. It can be fitted on a SA80 (but does not have the finesse of a Susat but still looks nice). The field of view this scope gives is nice and allows for aiming with both eyes open. The elevation and windage controls are easy to use and once set don’t move.


Lovely Red dot scope looks better than other types of cheap red dots available. The 7 light settings enable the scope to be used in bright lights all the way down to dark/dull conditions. The battery compartment being under the scope stops it being mounted to a carry handle but removing a carry handle looks nice with this scope also.


Usability: 9/10

Value for money: 9/10

Construction: 9/10

Field of view: 9/10