BigDragon E9800-LCD Chrono Review

BigDragon E9800-LCD Chrono Review


These were supplied to me from a wholesaler in China, The Company is YZH ( and they seem to be very friendly and understand English very well, unlike some china/Hong Kong retailers who can sometimes struggle to understand you, YZH staff understood me very well. I can recommend there customer service to people looking to set up a shop and find a decent supplier.


The items were packaged in with the Infantry boots and then were well wrapped up for shipping. The chrono was sandwiched nicely between the boots to stop damage occurring.



The items were shipped via UPS and arrived within a week or so of posting, Negotiating the Christmas and New Year holidays. I was surprised at the speed of the deliver.

1st impressions:

Removing the box from the parcel, the chrono’s retail box looks very smart with just BigDragon wrote on the front. Opening up the retail box you have a very well laid out, well packaged chrono and charger.

The package comes with:


Muzzle guide

Charger/power adaptor (US plug)

Instruction manual.

The instructions are in both English and Chinese. Turn it up one way its English, turn it to the back and its Chinese


The chrono will test both FPS/MPS and also RPM/RPS.

If you are testing RPS you can go up to 60rps. This by then, unless your using a Strafer gun will have destroyed you mechbox at such a high ROF.

The Chrono will measure up to 2600 fps (500J)

The chrono should work off the mains where ever possible but there is a back up battery just in case, or should you want to take this to a place where there is no power source.

You can also mount this onto a camera tripod for ease of use.


The appearance of the unit is very good, its very compact and lightweight compared to the pro-chrono I have, The pro-chrono is still the one ill use as its easier to shoot through. This unit is good for taking with me in my kit bag so I can set the rifle up when there is no access to a chrono on the site.
On the top of the unit there is a quote

“Reflect on war Adhere to peace”

“Specially for world war II 70th anniversary”

“Britain Victorious country”

“Britain troops death toll 264000 civilian people death toll 92000 (1939-1945)”

“In 1939, the fascist countries, Germany, Italy and Japan launched the most widespread was ever in human history – the world war II. Until the end of the war in 1945, 61 countries and regions, more than two billion people were involved successively, and more than 72 million people were killed and about 1385 billion US dollars property was vanished. Finally, the war ended in an outright failure of the three fascist countries.”

Its kind of improperly grammar checked but I find this a very nice remembrance to all the troops that fought and gave there life for our freedom.

Set up:

Setting up the chrono is simple; you press the top button for power. Then when its on you press the bottom button to enter the menu, you can then navigate with the bottom two buttons to set the desired unit (default in meters per second) and then press the top button to select that sub menu and then navigate and confirm with the top again.

You can also turn the back light on or off.

Exiting the menu you just press the middle button until you get back to the start position. Pressing up again takes you to see how much battery voltage you have left.

Ease of use:

Once you have turned the unit on, set the fps or Mps you then just line up the gun with the chrono and fire through. Either single shot for the power or auto for rate of fire. I initially had tested this with my R85 and it faired well. I was shocked at the low FPS of my rifle though (280fps).


I have used one of the same rifles as I did with my other chrono review (cant use the sniper as it now has a different spring in it)
Ammo used was blaster 0.20g

Shot 1: 323fps

Shot 2: 320fps

Shot 3: 328fps

Shot 4: 332fps

Shot 5: 335fps

Shot 6: 330fps

Shot 7: 331fps

Shot 8: 334fps

Shot 9: 342 fps

Shot 10: 339fps

Rate of fire: 722 rounds per minute or 12 rounds per second

The unit also displays the joule rating for a 0.20g bb.

337fps = 1.05J


This is a nice little chrono unit, has good features of being able to measure rate of fire, as well as both feet per second and meters per second readings.
The value for money was let down by the supply of a US plug, would have been much better to have supplied a universal plug adaptor with the kit.

Could not find a fault with the unit with the tests I have carried out on it, but its not best chrono if you want ease of shooting and not worried in case the rifle is not perfectly level (otherwise can damage the inner tube in the chrono).

Recommend this chrono for its robust metal casing, small size and the different measurements it offers. But if you want a good sized, easy to use, cross compatible with other sports chrono, this is not for you.

So to sum it all up the good points are that its small, compact, does both m/s. Fps and ROF and the weight and calibre of the round can be changed. The negatives are that it does not store the shots in a history, does not have a big shooting aperture and just generally slightly harder to use than the bigger chrono’s.


Ease of use: 9/10

Accuracy: 10/10

Value for money: 8/10

Functions: 8/10