Black Bear Airsoft Shadow mask review

Black Bear Airsoft Shadow mask Review




Item was supplied from with thanks to Gabriel who was so fantastic via the live chat system. I contacted them on a Friday night at about 7pm GMT and they were still online, still very friendly and welcomed the enquiries. After a bit of talking they agreed to supply all 3 versions of masks Black Bear Airsoft produce along with my purchase I made from their store, this included some masks for myself to use in games.


All the items I purchased from ACMGear were very well wrapped; all the items were as described with no visual defects. I was really pleased with how these were packed so that nothing got damaged during the transit.


Postage was very reasonable, seems to be the cheapest of any shops in Hong Kong with No hidden charges from my investigations (the prices are virtually what you pay at the post office in Hong Kong plus packaging. As I purchased all the items together I was unsure of the postage cost of the individual item.

1st Impressions:

Upon receiving the Item, I was highly impressed at the strength of the mesh and that there was no visible glue marks or powder coating defects as I remember from the Brass Guard mask I had seen that a friend of mine bought. The Black looks fantastic and is a lot better than the pictures on ACMGear show.



Upon 1st fitting the mask to my face I found that it was so uncomfortable, but then after a 20 min session of bending the mesh I had a really comfy fit. The dual strap system gives the added support that was missing from the original masks.

I think I will be adding a foam strip to the nose to give the mask a bit more comfort, but without this foam it is very comfortable with a tiny bit of adjustment.

The mask itself is very well made, the mesh is very strong and it can take a lot of abuse. If you’re not keen on a full face mask as you like to use your own goggles, this mask will do perfectly for you.

Shouldering rifles is a little harder with this than the full face mask as you can accidentally push it out of the way, but in CQB environments its perfect as you don’t have to fully shoulder a rifle in CQB.

There is a down side to this face mask and that is if you have an itch you cannot get to scratch it.



The mesh seems to be very well made; it is extremely strong and holds its shape well. I believe these were machine pressed rather than the originals being hand formed. The fabric is well bonded to the mesh giving the mask a very professional image.
The straps are larger diameter than the TMC version which gives you added security, plus the additional second strap.

Protection capabilities:

I did a destruction review of my Shadow mesh mask verse the TMC Strike mask and videoed the results, you can find the video here.

I am really surprised how much damage these can take compared to the competition. I would rather spend the extra few $ to get a great mask than have to keep buying cheaper masks when they either rust due to the paint coating being terrible or the paint flaking off from an impact. The rampage mask I have took a lot of shots to the head in my last game and there is not a single mark on the mask.


This mask is fantastic. I have seen the original brass guards and they had more imperfections in the paint and gluing that the Shadow mask, the only thing that could do with improving is the powder coating, its glossy rather than matte so there is a bit more shine off the mask in sunny conditions, But as this is only a half face mask, you don’t get the glare from the sun into your eyes.

This mask is great for CQB as it will save your teeth at closer ranges, but I prefer the Rampage full face mask over this for woodland as it’s easier to shoulder a weapon. If your after a mask to use in woodland and you want the half face protection, the shadow mask is the best out there of any of the competition. I would not hesitate recommending these masks to others to use.


Usability: 9/10

Value for money: 9.5/10

Construction: 10/10

Protection: 9/10