CA Classic Army Socom Sniper Bipod review

CA Socom Sniper Bipod review




Item was supplied From Actions Sport Games (ASG). There communication was slow at 1st due to a dead email link or a technical problem. Once I finally got my message to them they responded extremely quickly to make up for lost time due to the previous problems. All emails were answered and max time I had to wait was 2 days.


The item was well packaged in with the other items on the order. All excess space was packed with extra packaging to avoid movement in transit. All items came in good condition with no damage to the box.


The postage was via UPS surface and came within 3 days of shipping. I received an email within minutes of the items being submitted to UPS to be collected. I then managed to track its every step online. I worked it out that it travelled 1600KM via land in 3 days.

1st Impressions:

This bipod seems very well constructed, has a good length of leg to it and is of heavy design. It also comes with a bipod stud in case your rifle does not have one fitted or it’s of poor quality like on some clone VSR’s. I did notice this however does not have any tilt control with it which is the only let down on 1st impressions.



This bipod is taller (when deployed) than most which makes it a lot easier to use when in the field as you don’t have to find a rest that is higher than your lying position as I found with many bipods. The spring retract legs make this a beauty to set in the field, you just extend to the position you want and then clamp in place, when you have to move you can just in 1 movement push the leg up while undoing the clamp (instead of having to push the legs in and then swing them up). The lack of tilt control is a real shame as in Airsoft sometimes you have to tilt the rifle to correct for windage.


Excellent bipod with very good leg design, its just a pity they never incorporated a tilt mechanise in this. If they had I would have gave this 9/10 on usability as it’s an amazing bipod otherwise. If this had a thumb screw as well as the Allen bolt it would have scored 10/10 on the usability as quick removal of the bipod is not do-able due to needing an Allen key to undo it.


Usability: 7/10

Construction: 9/10

Value for money:  9/10