Cobra MT800-2 EVP UK 2 way radio review

Cobra MT800-2 EVP UK 2 way radio review


These were supplied by Pama & co in co-operation with Cobra Europe. Communication with Cobra was super fast, I had a reply within a hour of submitting my enquiry about there items. Pama replied slightly slower but still had a reply within 2 hours which is fantastic. They advised me I had selected EU spec radios and advised me on the correct ones to order for UK spec.


The items were packaged in the factory packaging of heat shrink plastic, then placed in a plastic bag and finally in the postage box. The radios were packaged tightly into the box with more cardboard to stop them moving about.


Postage was via Interlink express and the item arrived just under 24 hours from being dispatched. No delays, no hiccups and arrived with no damage.

1st Impressions:

These are the mid range Cobra radios. They come supplied with 2 radios, 1 plug in charger which has 2 connectors, AAA rechargeable batteries, a manual and 2 ear bud microphones. The charger is UK specification so no adaptors are needed. The packaging says up to 5KM range. Being license free these use radio waves instead of some that use phone networks to give longer ranges. The design of the PMR is really nice; the LCD screen is easy to read.


The list of features on the radios is good for the price, 8 channels, 121 privacy codes which give 968 privacy combinations. VOX hands free operation enabled, Can be used as a baby monitor, Scan all 968 channels, call alert with 10 tones, roger beep, backlit LCD, battery/power saver, speaker/Mic/charger jack, battery low indicator, keystroke tones, belt clip, Dual watch and key lock. Like with all PMR radios these will communicate with all other PMR 446 radios. I did notice the radios are really light which makes carrying them really easy as its no extra added weight unlike my previous Binatone ones.

Setting up the PMR:

Installation of the batteries is easy. Remove the belt clip and then remove the back panel. (This is where I found a security tag) remove the security tag and then insert the batteries. Replace the back and belt clip. The radios take 4 AAA batteries each. Before turning the radios I would advise charging these until they are fully charged. The Microphone/headset jack is also the charging port. Once fully charged the fun of using these can begin. I was really impressed with the amount of features these carry, especially at the prices these retail at. Everything seems to be adjustable from turning the roger beep off to enabling the baby monitor, to scanning all the channels.

Audio test:

Once you have all the settings set to how you like it, you can then use the radios. Holding the PTT button, hold the radio 5cm from your mouth and talk normally then release the button. As long as your friend or the receiver is within the maximum range for the environment, you should get a reply clearly. The maximum range is up to 5KM with an open flat ground with no obstructions; with obstructions the range gets reduced. There is a nice feature on the radios called auto squelch. This enables maximum range to be obtained by allowing more signals to be received and removes weak transmissions. At 100m in a residential area, the transmissions were clear but occasionally crackly. Increasing the range until at the maximum range I then pressed the auto squelch button. This helped slightly increase the range. I found maximum range in a built up semi urban environment with a lot of metal about was 200m. in open terrain the range is a lot better. All tests were carried out on channel 1 with privacy channel 00.


I have tried the radios with both Motorola and Garmin connectors. To my surprise, both these connectors worked in the radio. There is no interference from the socket either. This allows the use of tactical throat Mic’s and boom Mic’s. With the Devgru boom Mic and an Iasus throat Mic, I tested the clarity of the transmissions from the same range before to see what the clarity is like with an in ear speaker unit. The clarity is really good, the in ear, ear piece allows the user to hear the conversation a lot clearer than with out the headset.



Excellent overall, good clear communications, Worked well in the environment where I live and also where I do most my skirmishes. The only downfall of these radios was the lack of a charging monitor. I was very impressed with how I could use both Motorola and Garmin connectors on this.


Construction: 10/10

Usability: 9/10

Accessories: 10/10

Looks: 9/10

Value for money: 9/10