Competition Electronics Pro-Chrono Digital review.

Competition Electronics Pro-Chrono Digital review.


I purchased this chrono directly from competition electronics in USA where the products are made. Crystal was very helpful in what information I needed to provide and the costs of the item. A few days after ordering the item I received an invoice through the post detailing the charges that were made to my card.


The item was very well packaged in a larger box. Around the chrono box was polystyrene foam packaging pieces. These added great protection and as a result the inner box sustained no damage at all.


The item was posted via United State postal service (USPS) priority mail and was in the UK within 4 days of dispatch. It then took 1 week to clear customs and a further week for Parcelforce to write to myself for the item to be cleared. As always I cannot fault foreign postal services for there quick and speedily dispatch and transport of the item to the UK.

1st Impressions:

Upon 1st impressions the pro-chrono digital looks very well made, the item comes with a nice glossy instruction manual, 1 chrono, 4 metal bars and 2 diffusers. The instructions are very clear and easy to understand. This unit can measure a good range of fps with a maximum of about 7000fps. It does point out that Airsoft weapons are the hardest to chrono as the bb’s are small, round and shiny which can cause problems with the sensors. How ever I have previously used one of these chrono’s at a skirmish site and it was very accurate with its reading.
The chrono can be easily mounted on a camera tripod or table so you can get a good height for shooting into the chrono.

Another good thing is you have a large area where you can shoot into and it will still read the shot. This saves you having to fire through a small hold like a lot of Airsoft chrono’s.

Set up:

Setting the unit up is easy, you just need to insert a 9v battery into the unit. Switch the unit on, the unit defaults to fps. If you are outside in a sunny area you will definitely need to put the diffuser onto the metal bars to create a shooting aperture. This helps stop the strong light rays from confusing the sensor. The best conditions for the chrono are on a overcast dull day, you don’t need the diffuser on in these cases but I see no harm as it does give you the firing area.

If you want to use the chrono indoors do not use around fluorescent bulbs as these flicker very fast which also confuses the sensor, (indoor lighting kits are available from competition electronics directly).

Ease of use:

Once you have set the unit up you can then just fire straight through the unit, No calibration or other changes needed. You will then get the result displayed on the screen along with that current string of shots. It will record 99 shots in 1 string. You can delete shots and even whole strings. This is perfect for people who need to average there results as you can fire 10 shots and review them later.

Duplicate velocities will be marked as duplicate plus the number of duplicates (good if you’re looking for consistencies and had forgotten the previous reading)

The pro chrono also can be linked to a computer with an extra accessory. This allows you to print your results off the computer.


The functions available to the chrono are:

1-99 shots in a string, 9 strings can be stored.

Feet per second or meters per second

Review shots or whole strings

HI, LO, AV, ES and SD functions in review shots


I tested this chrono with the following weapons:

EdGI upgraded Well vsr (see reviews for more details of this):

  • Shot 1 – 428fps
  • Shot 2 – 433fps
  • Shot 3 – 433fps
  • Shot 4 – 430fps
  • Shot 5 – 429fps
  • Shot 6 – 430fps
  • Shot 7 – 429fps
  • Shot 8 – 423fps
  • Shot 9 – 430fps
  • Shot 10 – 433fps

Hi: 433fps

LO: 423fps

Av: 429fps

ES: 10fps

SD: 3fps

King Arms LaRue 9.0” Tactical:

  • Shot 1 – 327fps
  • Shot 2 – 329fps
  • Shot 3 – 325fps
  • Shot 4 – 328fps
  • Shot 5 – 327fps
  • Shot 6 – 327fps
  • Shot 7 – 330fps
  • Shot 8 – 332fps
  • Shot 9 – 325fps
  • Shot 10 – 329fps

Hi: 332fps

LO: 325fps

Av: 327fps

ES: 7fps

SD: 2fps

I have come to work out the following:

HI – highest value

LO – Lowest value

AV – Average value

ES – Range from high to low

SD – Standard deviation.


From the chrono results, the ease of use, and functions I can confirm this is one of the best chrono devices out on the market. If this unit had Rate of fire measurements also this would be the best chrono on the market for Airsoft use and possibly any weapon system (this is what let down the functions rating below).

For the price tag of £99 plus postage in the UK is a good price and is virtually on par with cheaper clone chrono’s.


Ease of use: 10/10

Accuracy: 10/10

Value for money: 10/10

Value for Airsoft purposes: 8/10

Functions: 8/10