Custom CO2 VSR10 Sniper Rifle

Mad mercs airsoft reviews initially started off with one person and their enjoyment of the sport. That person was myself, the editor. I bought a Tokyo Marui P90 as my first ever rifle but soon grew to want to become a sniper. I was offered a HFC 11 which was working but not greatly. It was cheap and I had got technical knowledge to fix it up.

I did some research and found that there were not many Gas VSR based rifles about. I then did a bit more research and found a way to convert it to CO2.

As time went on I got the rifle firing to a very high standard and word started to get around about what the rifle can do.

Here is the result of many hours work and a lot of money. (Custom CO2 VSR10 Sniper rifle):


This is my CO2 powered HFC11 based Tokyo Marui VSR:

Custom CO2 VSR10 Sniper rifle

It started life as a Clone HFC vsr-11 and then proceeded to upgrade it as follows

Custom CO2 VSR10 Sniper rifle

  1. Upgraded sears with Laylax parts,
  2. King arms gas bolt, I ended up having to disassemble the internals as they all became loose. I then proceeded to loc-tite them all back in place
  3. TM improved hop and barrel
  4. Palmers Pursuit CO2 parts Consisting of:
    • Micro rock regulator
    • 12gr Co2 adaptor
    • Ball valve
    • Piping
    • Brass barb
  5. Tasco 3-9x 50 scopes on high scope mount
  6. Harris style bipod
  7. Custom, Home made silencer. This consists of High density hard foam insterts, PVC tubing. all glued and taped into place. This works very effectively.
  8. Cheek pad with dummy 7.62mm brass
  9. CO2 system mount, which consists of:
    • King Arms 45 degrees mount
    • 20mm high scope ring
  10. paint
  11. Brass bipod stud custom turned on a lathe
  12. EdGI custom 6.01mm 435mm internal barrel
  13. Firefly hard bucking.

The Rifle has good accuracy but ideally needs an external CO2 source for more stable shot to shot fps variations.

The Micro rock regulator can be found here
Air line can be found here
Barb for replacing input valve can be found here
uick change 12 gram adapter can be found here
Some of the parts may have changed or been improved so best to email Palmers Pursuit and ask them to match all the parts needed to the Micro rock regulator.