Dboys 3 In 1 M203 Grenade Launcher review

Dboys 3 In 1 M203 Grenade Launcher review

Before I start this review I would like to share my views on the item when I saw it on RSOV’s website.  As soon as I saw it I thought it would make a great compliment to my M4, I loved how you could fit it on a normal M4 or a RIS M4. Saying that, onto the review to see if it lives up to my expectation.

Ordering and dispatch:

I ordered it around the time of Christmas with all the backlog of orders starting to build up. Light was very quick in replying to all my emails on this item and got it quickly processed and was dispatched on the 8th of January via Surface mail. He supplied the tracking number and then emailed me shortly after to correct the number as he had typed it wrong. The item left Hong Kong the next day via surface mail.

Waiting period:

The wait for this was going to be 10-12 weeks with what the website was saying, I was getting really impatience for this to come, I was excited like a school boy but its not often you get to get your hands on a nicely designed item for the price RSOV was asking.

Receiving the item:

It was delivered to me this morning all sealed up, with my declaration on it (which was kept on there file so saves me having to fill out another form). I was super impressed with the delivery time as it took only 4 Weeks and 1 day to get here.

First impression:

On opening the box there lay looking at me this marvellous M203 surrounded by nicely cut foam padding, my god its heavy, its full metal construction apart from the hand-guard. On removing it from the box it felt well balanced. I immediately ran and got my M4 and whipped the hand-guard off.


The fitting of this to my M4 was so simple. Move the spring that locks the pin in place and then flip the catch up to open it. Slide the back end onto the delta ring and barrel. The sling loop needs pushing into its recess and then the QD catch clips over the indent in the barrel. The catch clips back into place with a firm Clunk. One small problem I noticed was the locking spring would not locate and it was just down to the fact the catch had moved 1mm the wrong way. A small prod with a flat blade screwdriver pushed it into the correct position.


The trigger safety works well and seems to have a 2 stage safety, off, on but will fire with a hard pull of trigger and fully on. Loading a grenade is easy, push the tab on the side, and slide the hand-guard forward until it stops. Slide the grenade shell into the barrel of the launcher and then firmly slap the hand-guard back until it clicks and locks in place. I have had on a few occasions where the hand-guard has not locked in place and it will slide forward again. I noticed that the spring clips inside the barrel sometimes stop grenades being inserted and also the King Arms big grenades will only fit if you pull the tabs out when inserting the grenade.

Another problem is that some grenades it wont fire, I have got some G+P grenades and it wont fire them the pin seems 1mm too short for them to be fired. I have not got access to any Vanaras grenades at the moment but will test them when I do have access to them.


Excellent item but needs a couple things looking into, the spring clips inside the barrel could do with being slightly stronger and made to only clip the grenade when its inserted (making insertion easier) and the trigger pin needs making longer to fire all the grenades available.

Even on these problems I advise on getting one of these for your M4 or even anything with RIS/RAS rails.


Construction 7/10
Looks 8/10
Feel 8/10
Design 9/10
Price 8/10


After a lot of use, the tabs that hold the grenade in the cylinder have snapped off, the barrel will come unlocked when running and if you push it forward to hard it comes off the rails which then means you have to struggle putting it back on.