Dboys M4A1 Full Metal BI3681 review

Dboys M4A1 Full Metal (BI3681) Review


Item was supplied from RSOV, Shipping was efficient, received within 5 days of shipment using Airmail, and No custom charges were incurred on the item.


The item was part of a bulk order and the box the rifle came in was well packaged in a larger box, Upon opening the main order, there was plenty of packaging to make sure no damage was occurred during transit,

When I opened the box I was greeted with a perfectly looking M4A1. Included in the package was:

1x M4A1

1x Magazine in black

1x High quality 3 point sling

1x battery

1x charger

1x user manual.

1st impressions:

Removing the rifle from the box it had a nice weight to it, the plastic furniture was sturdy, no creaks or damage. The Metal body felt sturdy and well constructed.

Charging Battery and instillation:

I never used the supplied battery charger as I have a decent auto charger. 1st charge of the battery was done on low amp’s to maximise life of the battery. Once fully charged it was really easy to connect to the rifle. 1st you remove the lower hand-guard by pulling back on the collar/Ring, its stiff so the hand-guard has no chance of accidentally falling off with movement. Once the hand-guard is off the battery easily connects to the rifle. Put the battery back into the hand-guard and then making sure no wires get trapped put the hand-guard back into place making sure it clicks in behind the securing collar.


On 1st impression it fires really nicely, there is a nice whir, fwap and a slight twang of the spring (more on this later), the range was decent with the hop fully off, I managed 25 meters. Adjusting the hop up is really easy, pull back on charging handle and dust flap pops down, the hop is easily accessible through the ejection port. A few turns of the hop saw it working adequately to get 40+ meters.

On 1st skirmish outing the rile chrono’d at an average of 340fps with 0.2gram bb’s over 5 shots and after a hours use had settled to a perfect 328fps. Range was impressive.

Looks of the rifle:

I was slightly disappointed that the rifle does not have any laser etching on the body but it compensates it with the build quality. The hand-guards have no defects in them; the casting of the metal body is good quality and smooth. No blemishes can be found.

Quality of battery:

The battery held its charge well and lasted for a good 3 hour game and about 4 high-caps. And then I swapped rifle and when got home the battery still had charge for another fair few shots.


The rifle is supplied with a 300 round High cap, this works flawlessly, I used the magazine in my high Rate of fire setup rifle and it emptied the whole magazine on one wind.

Adjusting the sights:

I found that adjusting the sights were really easy, as easy as the Real steal version. Took a matter of seconds to adjust accurately.


There is a 6.08mm 360mm long barrel fitted as standard. The hop unit has no defects in it, is all metal and 1 problem is it unwinds with use. The fix for this is simple, get a small o-ring and a 5.5mm drill and by hand take 1/2mm from the back of the hop adjuster just enough for the o-ring to fit on the shaft with the hop adjuster, when the screw is tight  the hop will not unscrew and you can easily adjust it still.

The Mechbox is a version 2 with 7mm bushings and a reinforced shell. The cylinder is vented. Strip down is easy and there are many guides available on the internet to help. I found that the mechbox was slightly dry of grease when I stripped it which was causing the twang of the spring, a good helping of grease later and all problems were fixed. (The standard o-ring on the piston gave good compression)

The removal of the flash hider was easy, undid the grub screw and then unscrewed the flash hider. The thread is a -14mm and all silencers fit onto it,

The carrying handle is removable and also enables scopes to be fitted either onto the handle via an adaptor or onto the 20mm weaver rail on the top of the upper receiver.

1 problem I noticed with strip-down was the removal of the magazine release button was awkward due to it screwing into the button rather than having a screw on the button.

Sling fitment:

The sling was really easy to fit, simply clipped onto the front and then you put the loop around the back of the stock. The sling has a nice quality to it, well made clips on it and strong. The three point is a nice addition to a standard supplied sling and has an ease of use to it. I have not had a problem with the use of it,


This rifle is well built with minimal needing doing to it, it is easily customisable as I have with a silencer and carrying handle scope. Reason for 3/5 for value was due to it not having any etchings on the receiver, needing a tight-bore fitting, the mechbox needing stripping down and the hop needing to be made to stop it unwinding, 4/5  for build quality is because the mechbox was slightly noisy, 4/5 for performance was due to the fitment of a none tight-bore barrel

Upgrades recommended:

I would recommend installing a tight-bore barrel, greasing the mechbox and modifying the hop unit to stop it unwinding. Possibly installing a improved hop bucking and rubber will help also.

Then if you fancy a silencer and scope and maybe a barrel mounting M203 would finish of the rifle perfectly.

Value for money 3/5

Build Quality 3/5

Performance 3/5

Accessories 4/5