Devgru FM01 Tactical headset review

Devgru FM01 Tactical headset review


The tactical headset was supplied directly from Devgru in Korea. The communications with Devgru was very easy, Bob apologised for not responding the previous month due to a business trip in Japan and quickly sorted the rest out when he had returned.


Item came in the retail box, then well protected inside a larger cardboard box for the transit of the items.


Item came via EMS and was shipped and delivered within 4 days. The shipping company is highly recommended. The item cleared customs quickly very quickly.

1st Impressions:

The 1st impressions was a very professional looking field headset, the swimmers style headband looked comfy and very practical. The large PTT button is very handy and the streamline design is appealing as there is less cables to clutter.

Setting up:

Set up is easy, just adjust the headband to fit, plug the radio adaptor in and connect to the radio, set the radio’s volume level and clip the PTT button to your webbing or clothing.

Wear and comfort:

The headset is extremely comfortable due to its design and lack of weight, the boom is rigid but still moveable so its hard to knock out of place. With its design you can wear a helmet, baseball cap, balaclava with the headset really easily. If you’re wearing a balaclava I would put it over the top of it (as long as it’s thin) and then put a hat over the top of it.

Audio tests:

The clarity of sound from the speaker is top notch, the boom mic also picks up the speech perfectly from shouts to whispers, everything is clearly picked up and transmitted. No noise is picked up from the reports from other users. I will get this tested in the heat of battle with explosions going off also.


Excellent as to be expected with the military grade audio solutions from Devgru, I would like to see a remote PTT expansion option which will enable snipers to use the headset. The PTT expansion could simply plug in to the existing circuit meaning it still remains the simple solution. This is the reason it scored 9/10 for usability.


Build quality 10/10

Looks 10/10

Usability 9/10

Comfort 10/10

Accessories 5/10