Devgru TM02 Tactical throat microphone review

Devgru TM02 Tactical throat microphone review


The throat mic was supplied directly from Devgru in Korea. The communications with Devgru was very easy, Bob apologised for not responding the previous month due to a business trip in Japan and quickly sorted the rest out when he had returned.


Item came in the retail box, then well protected inside a larger cardboard box for the transit of the items.


Item came via EMS and was shipped and delivered within 4 days. The shipping company is highly recommended from Korea.

1st Impressions:

Upon opening the box, there is a nicely packaged throat mic. Removing it from the packaging I noticed the transmitter and speaker units were bigger than I expected.  The front connecting piece is hinged plastic rather than a rubber strip like on some other manufactures. This actually is really comfortable and holds the mic and speaker unit the correct distance apart.

Setting up:

Set up of the throat mic is really easily, all you need to do is set the collar straps to the correct length for comfort, set the acoustic tube to the correct length, clip the large PTT button to your webbing/clothing and then plug in the radio adaptor and your ready to go.

Wear and comfort:

The comfort of this item is really nice; I found it easier to wear the wire around the neck to the opposite side so it doesn’t pull the mic down the neck or into the neck more. After an hour of wear it was still comfortable although I did have to re-adjust the size a few minutes after starting to wear it and move it about a few times just to stop it itching and rubbing.

Audio tests:

The clarity of the speaker and acoustic tube are superb, the sound was easy to hear and really clear. No distortion was produced. Transmission of the voice was really clear for normal speech, reduced volume of the speech was also clear, but whispering was fairly muffled, I’m sure with practice you can train your voice to alter harmonic’s at lower volumes. This is a technique the army uses to transmit clear messages at whisper volumes.



Great tactical mic’s for assault purposes, if you need less bulk than a boom mic, these are the way to go, but for scout sniping these are not ideal as they don’t have a remote PTT switch and whispering send muffled transmissions that are fairly hard to understand resulting in the 6/10 for usability. The construction of these are top notch with everything military grade so are chemical resistant. The large PTT makes it really easy to use with gloves on or even use of the palm if the fingers are injured. I gave the accessories 5/10 as there is no expansion to the system but allows the connection to multiple different radios.


Build quality: 10/10

Looks: 10/10

Usability: 6/10

Comfort: 9.5/10

Accessories: 5/10