EdGI 6.00mm 435mm VSR Bull Barrel review

EdGI 6.00mm 435mm VSR Bull Barrel




The barrel was supplied directly from EdGI himself, Communication was really easy and he understood all I asked, once my order was completed he supplied the payment details and payment was complete within 2 days.


The item was shipped via FedEx, I was able to track its movements pretty much every step of the way. The item was shipped on Friday evening (12pm GMT) and was then shipped to China, It then took 24hours to get to Paris and by Saturday evening at 11:30pm GMT the item was in Stanstead airport. Item then was delivered at 9am GMT on Monday morning. One week later after receiving the items, I received a letter demanding £13 in custom charges

Item was supplied in a FedEx shipping envelope. Inside this I could feel a nice sturdy tube. I put the barrels down on the bed and noticed a chink of the two barrels I had ordered meeting together. This put a smile on my face as I had just turned into a little school kid who could to wait to open the package and install the barrels. Opening the bag and removing the tube, you can see the tube was a blue, hard plastic pipe with 2 black end caps.

Removing the end caps the barrels were protected by 2 pieces of cotton wool which made a secure fit when sealed.

1st Impressions:

Upon removing the barrel from the packaging, I first noticed the colour of the barrel, I was (in my mind) expecting to see a stainless steel colour barrel, but as it turns out its just a lighter brass colour. It’s a lot shinier. The outer of the barrel is thicker in the middle than a precision Tokyo Marui barrel. At the two ends the barrel reduces in diameter to the same size as the TM barrel. This will help reduce vibrations as it is thicker and hence denser. Looking down the TM barrel its not that polished, compare it to the EdGI barrel and you can virtually see your face in it, it’s that polished.


I stripped my rifle down (see 6.01mm barrel review for strip down procedure) and fitted it to the rifle, Fitment was really easy, the hop fits together easier with the EdGI barrel. If you want to fit barrel spacers, some modification may be required unless you buy EdGI ones.


Top barrel is the EdGI one, bottom is TM Precision barrel. As you can see the EdGI barrel is 5mm longer.

The weights of the 2 barrels are:

TM: 103.1g

EdGI:  151.0g

EdGI’s barrel has a slightly larger outer diameter than the TM barrel around the middle of the barrel, the OD of both barrels is:

TM: 8.57mm

EdGI: 9.67mm

Barrel Construction process:

EdGI’s barrels are constructed using cold hammering process; this process is the traditional way of making all barrels. Whether it is a live firing rifle or an Airsoft rifle. The process of making these barrels actually adds more strength to the barrel because in hammering the metal, the molecules are re-arranged and thus make it stronger. Usually high pressure rollers are used to make the barrels inner diameter, They squash the slightly larger barrel onto a inner tube (usually out of harder material such as steel in the case of Airsoft barrels) this inner tube/bar is usually at the correct inner diameter for the barrel or slightly less so the barrels then can be ground down precise to the correct inner diameter.

Test firing:

Groupings with my Tokyo Marui 6.04mm precision barrel was 5” at 25meters with 2 shots missing, 4 being within 5” and the other 4 being within 9” of the centre shot. Also would hit full torso Inc the head (due to the variation in shots so much) at 40m with 2 out of 10 missing.
The EdGI’s 6.00mm precision barrel grouping is 2“ at 25meters with all shots hitting, 8 with in 2”, 5 within 4” and the 2 within 7”

The barrel has yet to jam on me using Vanaras 0.36g black bb’s. The hop was set at the perfect engagement for 40-50m shots, past that I can’t see what happens, but will shortly test further.

Accuracy at 40m is as follows, 1” groupings with 4 shots, 2 shots within 2” 1 shot within 3” and 1 shot was just outside at 4” from the centre mass of shots. (Groupings are works like so, find centre of the mass, then work out, if the round is 1½ inch from the centre shot then I class that as 3” groupings and so on, so 10” groupings works out as 5” from the centre shot)

I expect with a harder hop rubber the groupings and consistencies will get better.

Accuracy improvements:

The improvements to the accuracy were noticeable straight away. Where before with the TM barrel, it would take 2 or 3 shots each time I wanted to zero the scope due to the variations of shots, even at 25m. I managed this in 1 shot; I will next zero the scope to 40 meters (at this range I could not zero the scope to the TM barrel due to no shots going to the same place), then ill try 50m, and have it set at 50m if I can zero it properly.

I will get some in game reports of any improvements in accuracy and update the review as I see fit.


Fantastic barrel, reports of this jamming are untrue, this barrel gives fantastic consistencies to shots and good range, I have yet to test other brands of ammo in these barrels. I expect with a firefly hard rubber installed in these, the range and accuracy will be improved more. This will be my chosen barrel to run in my main VSR. Later it will have a firefly hard bucking fitted to it, so when that is installed I will add more groupings and accuracy information to the review)


Build Quality 10/10

Value for money 9/10

Improvement to accuracy 10/10

Usability 10/10