EdGI VSR upgrade kit review

EdGI VSR upgrade kit



The barrel was supplied directly from EdGI himself, Communication was really easy and he understood all I asked, once my order was completed he supplied the payment details and payment was complete within 2 days.


The item was shipped via DHL Express I was able to track its movements pretty much every step of the way. The item was shipped on Wednesday, was then shipped to Hong Kong. It then took less than 24hours to get to the delivery depot via London. The item then was delivered at 9am GMT on Friday morning.

Item was supplied in a DHL shipping envelope. Inside this I could feel a nice sturdy tube. The tube was accompanied by another longer tube for the barrel I had ordered at the same time. The tube had a screw on cap. Removing the cap the parts were held firmly in place with a cotton wool cover.

1st Impressions:

1st impressions of the set were that the piston was lighter than I thought it would be. The piston does not have o-rings; it has a cup like head. The spring is huge; it’s at least 100mm longer than the cylinder. All of the parts are finished to a high standard as is to be expected with EdGI parts.


Fitting the parts to the rifle were really simple. If you follow my strip down and upgrade guide for the VSR you will see how to fit all these parts to the rifle. I did notice however there seemed to be a problem with the trigger unit when cocking the rifle. The bolt would catch back perfectly but the rifle would not fire. I took the trigger unit apart and smoothed all the parts of the trigger unit down that touch the sears and also the main sear too. This helped with the unit sticking but didn’t stop the problem of not firing. The only solution I came up with was leaving the front screw out of the trigger unit (I will be looking to find a solution soon as I possibly can).


Comparing the original bar10/well MB02 parts you can see that there are a few differences, aside from the difference in material. The spring guide and piston are both longer than the original parts. The trigger sear is slightly fatter in parts and the piston sear has no pin sticking out of it. The spring guide stopper is longer than the original but all the vital parts are exactly the same.

Test firing:

Fitting the spring to this set up was hard and would result in very high power. I have fitted a M135 spring for these tests. I will fit the SP01 spring just to carry out FPS consistencies.

The groupings I was getting for this rifle with the 6.00mm Ported barrel fitted were as followed.

The power consistencies with the SP01 are as follows:

  • Shot 1 – 510fps
  • Shot 2 – 496fps
  • Shot 3 – 500fps
  • Shot 4 – 427fps
  • Shot 5 – 495fps
  • Shot 6 – 502fps
  • Shot 7 – 463fps
  • Shot 8 – 500fps
  • Shot 9 – 504fps
  • Shot 10 – 510fps

Average fps was: 489fps

Compared to the unknown power spring (supposed to have been a M145 but don’t give anywhere near that power):

  • Shot 1 – 428fps
  • Shot 2 – 433fps
  • Shot 3 – 433fps
  • Shot 4 – 430fps
  • Shot 5 – 429fps
  • Shot 6 – 430fps
  • Shot 7 – 429fps
  • Shot 8 – 423fps
  • Shot 9 – 430fps
  • Shot 10 – 433fps

Average fps was: 429fps

Internal improvements:

The improvement from the fitment of the upgrade parts were clear to see. Not only did the cocking action seem smoother, but the metal piston and harder sears meant that the parts would last a lot longer. Fitting the supplied spring that is designed to give me 550fps I decided not to use, even though it gave me only 500fps which is the perfect power level for the UK. I will wait until I get a stronger cylinder just it decides to back fire the cocking handle at me


Surprised that the Sp01 spring did not give me more power combined with the 6.00mm barrel but none the less, the kit is superb quality and well worth the money.

I would advise you to clean up the sears before fitting, I fitted mine and they still catch occasionally which causes problems. Once they have worn a bit more this will go away.

I think the sears are definitely worth the money, they are loads stronger than the standard sears. The piston didn’t seem to fit a well cylinder but it may have been the slight damage to it. It won’t fit a PDI normal cylinder. The spring guide will take Normal dimension springs but won’t take PDI larger springs

Great items and good consistencies from shot to shot. (The sp01 results I think the lower fps results were down to the fading light and possibly a different bb in the mix of my precision ammo).


Build Quality 9/10

Value for money 9/10

Improvements 9/10

Usability 8.5/10

Consistencies: 8/10