Falan Low profile tinted goggles review

Falan Low profile tinted goggles review




The item was supplied by Airsoft Club from Hong Kong, their customer service did not respond to my emails, it was only when I emailed the wholesale address that I got through to “Dennis” one of the managers there in charge of wholesale. Once I was dealing with Dennis, the process was smooth and they gave me a few choices of items that they wanted reviewing.


The three items that I received from Airsoft Club were wrapped together inside the helmet which was covered in a thin foam style packaging and then placed inside a box for transit. The box was not sealed, just tied together with string. The items never got damaged or lost so this was adequate packaging.


The item was shipped via Hong Kong Airmail and took about 8 working days to arrive. The item was able to be tracked, however I wasn’t supplied this tracking number. This is no problem as it got here safely.

1st Impressions:

My first thoughts on these goggles were they are a lot lower profile than a lot of goggles out there which would hopefully help with aiming down sights and scopes.

The goggles look fairly nice and have a good contour shape to fit nice and snug against your face.


The goggles fit nicely and with the adjustment of the elastic strap it was easy to get a good fitment. There were a few things I noticed, part of the frame dug into my nose as it was still sharp from moulding process. A bit of sanding of the rough edges and it was perfect.


The usability of these goggles is okay, not as good as the larger goggles. These goggles don’t let you to fit glasses underneath them; you can’t really use them with the Black Bear Airsoft Reaper masks without having a small gap around the bottom of the eye slit. However if using without a mask there are plenty of applications for these goggles, I was able to get a better cheek wield with these when using
my sniper rifles. 


I have shot these point blank with both a 550fps Sniper rifle and a 330fps fully automatic AEG rifle and all that happened was some scuff marks and the lenses stayed intact. I would recommend these goggles for skirmishing in countries where higher FPS rifles are commonly legal.


Nice goggles streamlined and give good protection. Not suited for using with mesh masks but stand alone they are perfect. The protection given is far superior to what I thought they would give.

These are not the best goggles out there but for the price and if you like the look of them they will do the job just perfect and your safe in the knowledge your eyes will remain intact at the end of a day’s skirmishing.


Build Quality: 7/10
Value for money 7/10
Ease of fitment/adjustment: 10/10
Protection: 9/10