Firefly VSR Hard Hop Bucking Review

Firefly VSR Hard Hop Bucking Review


Item was supplied from Tokyo Model Company. There communications were awesome; they understood my queries perfectly and shipped the item quickly. I ordered this with a larger item and a smaller item and no extra postage charges were occurred for the smaller items.


The postage was via EMS, I was promised the item would arrive within 3 days after ordering, they took my UKARA number for ease of importing the RIF I had also ordered.. Unfortunately due to Easter there was a massive backlog with in the customs department and my parcel was delayed by 4 days. Finally was released and then was finally delivered with £17 customs and Parcelforce charges on the package. (VAT was £4).


The Item was packaged in the rifles box within a wrap of bubble wrap, the box was wrapped in a good few layers of thick parcel paper which seems to be reinforced. The parcel also had a plastic parcel strap around it for further protection.

1st Impressions:

My 1st impressions of the rubber were that I had been supplied the wrong one, it felt so soft, it was hard to know if it was the hard one or not. After a few emails and a post on a forum, I had the answer I wanted, it was the correct one as the packet said for 0.25g and up. It would be easier if the information was in English as well. The hop also had a V shape design instead of the bump the TM ones have.



Fitting the hop rubber is really easy if you are keen on working with the VSR, there is a strip down guide on my site detailing how to take apart the VSR.

Remember to clean the inner barrel before installing the barrel after it being stripped and also before shooting, just to make sure any residue or dirt from installation is removed.

Accuracy tests:

Accuracy was improved from hitting a man sized target at 50m to hitting a man size target at about 60m with majority of all the shots (couple of fliers down to the ammo)

I am comparing this to the TM hop rubber supplied with the improved hop unit.
The accuracy with the TM is fantastic with the EdGI 6.00mm barrel, with the Hop fully on with 0.36g bb’s I’m still struggling to reach the maximum range of the rifles capability.

With the Firefly hop rubber Accuracy was improved at longer ranges but I still struggled to reach maximum range, I found that the rubber was a little too soft still. If it was harder still I think it would make a great rubber to use.


Good rubber for a rifle that is firing between 400 and 500fps but using ammo that is lighter than 0.30g. If you are using heavier ammo you will need to modify the hop unit to


Value for money: 9/10

Construction: 8/10

Accuracy improvements: 8/10

Usability: 8/10