Flyye Industries Molle Medic pouch review

Flyye Industries Molle Medic pouch review



This item was supplied by which is also known as MMG Trading.  They also have an EBay site which is where I originally found the item from and then after a bit more browsing of their EBay shop I found a few more items that were
of interest to me. The shop had very good customer support and answered my emails promptly and with a very polite manner. After a bit of discussion about one of my items being out of stock the order was placed and dispatched the same day.


The Items were well packaged in a large Jiffy bag which gave adequate protection as these pouches are fabric so would have got damaged from being dropped, thrown or mistreated in the post. The package however arrived with no damage at all to the packaging so there was no issue with the post either.


The item was sent via 1st class mail and had arrived the very next day to placing the order. I was impressed at this especially how late in the day I had contacted the company. The postage costs are very reasonable, EBay is free shipping (included in price) and on their website it is £3.99 for any amount of items to be delivered within 2-4 days and £6.99 for any amount of items to be delivered within 1-2 days. More information on the delivery rates can be found here:

1st Impressions:

Upon 1st impressions this looks identical to the ACM version that I’m removing off my vest, after closer inspection it is easy to notice the
difference between this and the ACM Version. The ACM Version is of a cheaper fabric, the seams are not as strongly sown and the zips are weaker.

There is not much more I can say about this pouch as it’s just a standard medic pouch with Molle fixing and space inside for a lot of equipment which I will cover later in the review.


Fitting the pouch to a range of Molle platforms was really easy, I fitted the pouch to my M4 plate carrier set up which I was replacing a similar pouch on the vest for this one. I tested it later even on my Molle drop leg platform. It’s more suited to the vest but if you wanted to take a medic kit out and say for example a tool kit you could have the medic kit on your vest and the tool kit on your leg platform.


The pouch has easily enough space for a medic kit; I managed to fit all the bits from the Webtex medic pouch into this pouch and had space for my C.A.T and a few other bits and pieces. I mainly use the pouch though as a tool kit and hidden pistol holder. I can easily fit my infield tool kit, 2 speed loaders and a CZ75D compact pistol in the pouch.


As with all my tests of pouches, they have stood up to being crawled on, dragged through mud, being shot, snagged on branches, brambles and just generally abused during a day of skirmishing, I just removed the equipment from the pouch at the end of the day and the pouch from the Molle platform and threw it in the washing machine and it is looking virtually as new as it did when I got the pouch. I don’t usually remove pouches every time, only on rare occasions as I will allow rain and puddles to clean my gear. I just wanted to be able to see if they would withstand being washed and they do.


It seems that these Flyye pouches are very well made; I would how ever have preferred the Helikon pouch to this one as this one does not have external Molle strapping on which would have been useful for attaching a magazine pouch or maybe a pistol on a strike carrier holster.

The pouch holds plenty of gear and if you’re not using it for anything medical you can cram in full of a lot of spare parts, tools, ammo, gloves, pistols or anything else that you need to take onto a battle field. It is however just slightly too small to take water bottle so cannot be used as a canteen holder.

Inside the pouch there are plenty of strapping and internal storage areas for making sure things don’t rattle about when running or to hold your medical supplies in place for fast access.


Build Quality (visual) 8.5/10
Value for money 7/10
Compatibility: 7/10
Ease of fitment: 8/10
Usability: 8.5/10