Flyye Industries Molle Mp5 triple magazine pouch review – Updated.

Flyye Industries Molle Mp5 triple magazine pouch review

Updated to reflect new postage and returns. 

Flyye Triple MP5 Pouch
Flyye Triple MP5 Pouch


This item was supplied by which is also known as MMG Trading.  Military 1st also have an EBay site which is where I originally found the item from and then after a bit more browsing of their EBay shop I found a few more items that were of interest to me. The shop had very good customer support and answered my emails promptly and with a very polite manner.  After a bit of discussion about one of my items being out of stock the placed the order. It was dispatched the same day which I think shows a very positive sign for the company.


The Items were well packaged in a large Jiffy bag. This gave adequate protection as these pouches are fabric so wouldn’t have got damaged from being dropped, thrown or mistreated in the post. The package however arrived with no damage at all to the packaging so there was no issue with the post either.

Updated Postage:

The item was sent via 1st class mail and had arrived the very next day to placing the order. I was impressed at this especially how late in the day I had contacted the company. The postage costs at the time of the initial review were very reasonable and the shipping times were good. Since the review the postage costs have changed for the better it would seem.

Standard postage is Free, delivery usually takes 2-4 Days. You can upgrade to next day delivery for £2.50 which seems very good for a next day delivery.

Returning your items is easy as well as Military 1st offer free returns via a free returns label on the website.

More information on the delivery rates can be found here:

1st Impressions:

My initial thoughts on the pouch was that the Ranger Green colour was not that much different to OD green, Its slightly lighter and suits woodland environments better than OD which is really only good for jungle and dense grassland environments in my opinion (however I run OD Green equipment in woodland environments anyway).

The pouch itself is very sturdy and well assembled, all the stitching seems to be completed and no missed stitches. The press studs hold firmly so you’re in good knowledge that you’re not going to be losing these pouches off your Molle vest any time soon.


Fitting the pouch to a range of Molle platforms was really easy, I fitted them to my MP5 set up which is a Molle belt, and I
fitted it to my Molle vest and even my Molle drop leg platform. It’s more suited to a vest or drop leg platform as there are more Molle loops for this to hold onto than a belt. But still it held firm and after a day’s skirmishing there was no sign that it was going to come undone.


The pouch will not only take MP5 magazines, I managed to fit both my Glock AEP extended and Glock GBBR Extended mag’s into
these pouches. You just have to be careful with the AEP mag’s that you have the pouch on your backside of the hip so when crawling you don’t snap the top of the magazine off.  I had these pouches snag on brambles, branches and just get generally mucky from crawling and there is no sign of damage. The 1000D Cordura is holding up well to what it should do and not let the fabric get damaged. The only sign of wear after throwing it in the washing machine after the end of the day skirmishing was a slight bit of ingrained dirt.


This pouch has stood up to being crawled on, dragged through mud, being shot, snagged on branches, brambles and just
generally abused during a day of skirmishing, I just removed the mag’s and the pouch from the Molle platform and threw it in the washing machine and it is looking virtually as new as it did when I got the pouch.

I don’t expect to see this rip or tear but if it does I will update as accordingly.


Very well made, the seams are sown strongly and it does its job well. The colour is slightly off if you have an OD set up but
after a bit of fading in the sun, the OD would look just the same as this pouch does now.

There is plenty of Velcro adjustment so you can have long or short mags in the pouch and not have to worry about not being able
to fasten them down. You can also tuck the flaps inside the pouches and it adds just that extra little bit of bulk to enable open top magazine pouch without you losing your mag’s. I only advise doing this if you’re in an intense firefight and need access to your magazines easily.


Build Quality (visual) 8/10
Value for money 8/10
Compatibility: 9/10
Ease of fitment: 8/10
Usability: 8/10