G&G/CA M14 strip down guide

G&G/CA M14 strip down guide


If you have got an internal issue with your rifle then this G&G/CA M14 strip down guide will help you take it apart.

Before we start make sure you have the following tools

  • Small Philips screwdriver
  • Medium Philips screwdriver
  • Flat bladed screwdriver
  • Allen keys


Lie the rifle down on a flat surface so you don’t loose any items you take off the rifle.

Remove the Trigger group by pulling down on the trigger guard

Unscrew the front of the gas block.

Tip the rifle forward and remove the screw and plunger that falls out.

Now you can unscrew the front plate of the gas block

Slide the gas block assembly forward.

You can now remove the receiver from the stock. Be careful of the wiring.

Slide the top cover off so you don’t have it flapping about when moving the receiver about.

Turn the selector to 45 degrees and then you can turn the bolt forward stop to 45 degrees as well.

Slide the bolt forward stop off its locating peg.

Push the Bolts spring guide towards the front of the rifle and then release the pressure downwards.

Remove the spring and spring guide.

You can now pull the bolt downwards off the bolt cover.

Remove the bolt and cover from the receiver/barrel assembly.

Next you will need a set of Allen keys to undo the hop fixing bolts.

Once the screws are removed you can pull the hop and barrel unit out of the receiver.

Remove the two screws from the side of the receiver

Remove the bolt catch so you can access the screw underneath it

Remove the screw from the other side of the receiver.

Tip the receiver to 45 degrees so you can slide it back

The receiver slides back and then fully off.

Next you need to undo the screws holding the trigger bar on

Remove the 2 screws from the motor clamping plate

Turn the mechbox over and undo the other 2 screw on the motor clamping plate

Remove the motor clamping plate and tilt the motor down as far as it will go

Slide the motor off from the mechbox (if your have the standard wiring you can remove the motor wires

Remove the 3 screws holding the mechbox together

Remove the top clamping plate

You can now carefully split the mechbox in two.

Remove the spring and spring guide

Remove the piston

Remove the hop feed tube

You can now remove the cylinder unit

The trigger block can be removed now, you then need to unscrew the contact cover and unsolder the wires to remove it fully.


Re-insert the trigger block and connect up the small return spring to the peg

Install the cylinder unit and make sure the tappet spring is in place. Best way is to install the spring and tilt the cylinder unit in behind it.

Install the hop feed tube, piston, spring and spring guide and put the other half of the mechbox shell on to the other half.

Fit the top clamping plate and the 3 gearbox screws

Put the motor back in place

Fit the motor clamping plate

Make sure the selector cam is in the correct place and fit the receiver onto the mechbox

Re-fit the trigger bar

Install the hop and barrel unit and do the screws up to clamp the unit in place

Insert the cocking handle

Locate and mate up with the bolt cover

Install the spring and spring guide and insert it back into the mechbox slot

Install the top cover

Reinstall the receiver into the stock and reattach the trigger group and gas block unit.