Guarder Steel M14 cut off lever Review

Guarder Steel M14 cut off lever Review


This item was supplied by Tokyo Model Company. Excellent communications and service.


The item was wrapped in a bubble wrap parcel and included in a bigger items box with no added postage costs.


Postage was zero for this item due to ordering a rifle at the same time and the item being included into that parcel,  the item got to the UK within 3 days via EMS airmail service, but once with the UK parcel company it took 4 days to clear customs and then an extra day to be delivered with £17 custom charges on the whole package.

1st impressions:

My 1s impressions of the item were it felt a lot stronger than the original item, looked exactly the same but just black. I had high hope for this lasting long time as the aluminium ones wear out fast against the steel gears in the mechbox.


Installation is easy; following the following strip down guide will help those who may not already know. (I hold no responsibilities should you mess up your rifle)

1st disconnect and remove the battery, remove the magazine from the rifle.

Remove the trigger guard and then slide the stock off the rifle.

Undo the four screws holding the plate onto the gearbox. Remember where the screws come from as one is shorter than the other.

Remove the plate being very careful with the little springs. Remember where each one goes.


Carefully remove the trigger contacts and pop them to one side.

Remove the cut off lever from the mechbox.


Get the new cut off lever.

Double check they are correct and no defects are noticeable.


Fit the new cut off lever and then rebuild, Getting the little springs on is fairly hard but using a pair of tweezers or even surgical clamps make the job easier.



The new cut off lever instantly removes the fault of double cycling and even full auto when single shot is selected. Being steel the cut off lever will not wear out nearly as fast as the alloy standard one.


Excellent item for all M14s as it improved the life of the rifle dramatically due to the lever not wearing out as fast. Also the Guarder one is made to higher tolerances also.


Build Quality 10/10

Value for money 10/10

Improvements 10/10

Ease of use 9/10