Helikon T&T Molle Admin panel review

Helikon T&T Molle Admin panel review



This item was supplied by www.military1st.co.uk which is also known as MMG Trading.  They also have an EBay site which is where I originally found the item from and then after a bit more browsing of their EBay shop I found a few more items that were of interest to me. The shop had very good customer support and answered my emails promptly and with a very polite manner. After a bit of discussion about one of my items being out of stock the order was placed and dispatched the same day.


The Items were well packaged in a large Jiffy bag which gave adequate protection as these pouches are fabric so would have got damaged from being dropped, thrown or mistreated in the post. The package however arrived with no damage at all to the packaging so there was no issue with the post either.


The item was sent via 1st class mail and had arrived the very next day to placing the order. I was impressed at this especially how late in the day I had contacted the company. The postage costs are very reasonable, EBay is free shipping (included in price) and on their website it is £3.99 for any amount of items to be delivered within 2-4 days and £6.99 for any amount of items to be delivered within 1-2 days. More information on the delivery rates can be found here: http://www.military1st.co.uk/deliveryandreturns.html

1st Impressions:

My 1st impressions the admin panel that it was slightly larger than I had expected, but this didn’t deter from the fact that it had added features to my standard plate carrier admin panel. Some of the nice features of the pouch are that it includes a map holder which can be mounted onto any Velcro surface. It comes attached inside the pouch but you can also put it on the outside if you’re using the map a lot. There are sufficient storage compartments within the pouch to hold tools, compasses, spare parts and any other things you like to carry. I have a couple of sets of plastic restraints and a Combat Application Tourniquet within my admin panel for scenarios and also should anyone break their leg or cut themselves severely on a skirmish I can administer 1st aid and if necessary apply the C.A.T to stop bleeding.


When it came to mounting the panel to my chest rig I found that the usual Molle strap system was no longer present on this panel and that in fact it had a kind of double backed Molle system with a strap loop that could be put either to clip at the top or the bottom. This allows you to move the straps about and if needed only use 2 of them, I think you could also get away with mounting this on some straps or a belt rather than a Molle rig. I decided to place it 1 strap to the left on the vest so that I could continue to have my plastic bayonet mounted in my shoulder straps. The good thing with the moveable straps was that I could continue to have 4 straps holding the pouch in place over instead of some where it would be 3 straps and 1 loose.


The pouch offers a lot of storage space as I mentioned in the 1st Impressions part of the review but also there are the added benefits of being able to open the pouch and have a drawstring to hold it slightly closed so you don’t lose all the contents, but still have good access to the internal storage. Another good benefit is the Molle external strapping that allows you to add more pouches to the panel.

I did find one slight drawback with the pouch and that is the size of it. I used Fastmag’s on my setup and the magazines closest to the body are a lot harder to remove from the fastmag’s than when I had a smaller pouch.

I had hoped that I could mount my pistol and holster to the panel, which it happily fitted but then shouldering the rifle was impossible so I had to rethink this Idea, I was going to mount it to my 1st aid pouch but that don’t have any external Molle straps on it.


Shooting the admin panel with a fully auto rifle left zero damage or marks on the pouch, I have crawled across grass and dirt in this chest rig and the pouch has shown zero signs of damage or ripping. It is made of high density nylon. I have even thrown it in the washing machine with all my other combat gear and it survived. Apart from taking a knife to the panel I doubt you could rip the fabric with general day to day skirmish conditions.


Although more bulky than I hoped I still won’t look back from what I originally had, Not only in the construction materials used, the stitching or the feel of it, but in the added benefits and size it offers for storage. The extra Molle straps on the front combined with Velcro allow for ease of attaching patches, pouches and any other items you need to.

All in all this is a very nice pouch, if there was a way of streamlining the bottom of the pouch to allow magazine removal from pouches to be easier then it would be the ultimate pouch in my eyes.

I can see myself filling the pouch with more medical items such as my inhaler and simple dressings. This leaves my medics pouch free for my tactical toolkit and usually a hidden pistol for those sneaky kills.


Build Quality (visual) 8.5/10
Value for money 8/10
Compatibility: 8.5/10
Ease of fitment: 8/10
Usability: 7/10