Hong Kong EMS Verses Airmail Verses Surface mail

Hong Kong EMS Verses Airmail Verses Surface mail

I would like to thank www.ACMGear.com for their help with this test as they don’t usually offer surface mail services. I ordered 3 items at the same time and asked specifically for them to all be sent with the three different services. I ordered the items on the 24/05/2011 and they were dispatched all on the same day of the 26/05/2011.


Hong Kong EMS Speed post.

The item was tracked from the next day to it being posted and within 3 working days it was with me. It arrived on the 31/05/2011 which took into account the weekend which it seems that parcel force does not work even though you would think they do. I guess this is all down to the parcel companies used. DHL work weekends and get the items passed through customs but Parcel force don’t process any parcels on the weekend from all the products I’ve tracked.


Hong Kong Airmail

This parcel was tracked from 2 days after the item was posted and arrived within 7 days after posting, usually this service is advertised as 7 – 14 working days but 90% of all parcels that I have imported with Airmail have arrived within 7 days. The item arrived on the 02/05/2011.


Hong Kong Surface mail

This item was able to be tracked 2 days after being posted however it didn’t leave Hong Kong for 2 weeks and then it took just under 2 months to arrive at my property. The item arrived at my house on the 15/07/2011 and actually for the cost of it, it wasn’t that much cheaper that using the Hong Kong Airmail system.



As you would have guessed the Hong Kong EMS service is by far the fastest system but for the extra costs it in my opinion is not worth the extra money as the standard Airmail system is nearly as fast and can be insured just as much as the EMS service.

For Rifles I would pick EMS just for the added security but for any other item Airmail will be the only way I go from now on.