Iasus NT3 Black ops throat Mic, Premium pack review

Iasus NT3 Black ops throat Mic, Premium pack


Postage and packaging:

The throat Mic was shipped directly from Iasus concepts, it took 8 days to get here from Hong Kong, and included in that time was the Easter holidays.

The item was packed in the retail box, just with parcel paper wrapped around it, The parcel was very neatly wrapped and well sealed. (Took me 5 minutes to get into the wrapping with out damaging the box)

1st Impressions:

On opening the packaging there lied a nice little box with NT3 Evolution, Iasus and a picture of the item staring back at me.

On the back of the box there is the basic description of the system concepts and a few of the supplied items. This covering also acts as a security seal for the item.

Opening the seal the throat Mic looks smaller than I thought it would, it looked nicely streamlined in the foam packaging,

I did notice that the bottom layer was slightly hard to get to with out trapping the wires (I’m sure the wires can take a bit of abuse but I didn’t want to risk it). Once I got to the bottom layer, supplied with the package was a large PTT button, Finger PTT button,

VOX/PTT splitter and the correct wiring adaptor for my radio.

Setting up:

Setting up the radio was easy; the instructions gave a step by step description of how it all goes together. I found that the finger PTT button was a nice idea and could be fitted a good distance away from the splitter. This would enable me to use it comfortably when sniping. The Large PTT button is good if I want to use the Mic in the assault role.

The instruction gives details on how to adjust the length of acoustic coil for optimum comfort; you just cut the tube and install the metal tube/joiner.


Wearing and comfort:

I found that the Mic was too uncomfortable on the neck with out adjusting it, after a little adjustment it was still too tight, but a bit more comfortable. Now I don’t have a large neck, but I have the Mic on near full adjustment and it still isn’t perfectly comfortable, How ever with a bit of wearing it does become more comfortable as you get used to wearing it.

The acoustic coil is comfortable but will need shortening eventually.

The magnetic clasp works well and is a very tight fit.

One thing I did notice with the mc is the wire between the two transponder units was slightly too short to fit into the rubber connecting piece.

Audio tests:

I used a Cobra radio to test this headset as It takes the same connector as Motorola talkabout headsets. I would have used a talkabout PMR but mine decided to play up on the day of the testing.

Clarity of the acoustic tube is fantastic; there was no distortion at all.

The transmission of the voice/signal is a bit on the quiet side but was still clear. If you was wearing a headset you would hear my transmission clearly also.

The throat Mic works best with normal speech, Raised voice is slightly clearer.

If you have to whisper it does work but its not that clear, (words were understandable but if there was noise around the receiving person you may not hear clearly). I think that if the Mic had been a bit tighter on my neck it would been a more clearer transmission but then it would been too uncomfortable to wear.


The throat Mic performs well and time will show how much use and abuse it can take, the noise termination works nicely with a clear transmission. Only downside is that with whispering it isn’t 100% clear to the receiver. For the price and contents in the set this is a well recommended throat Mic.

The Finger PTT switch is a good feature allowing minimal if no movement at all to activate the unit. Would been better if the unit was 100% waterproof not just water resistant.


Build quality 9/10

Looks 9/10

Usability 7.5/10

Comfort 8/10

Accessories 10/10