Infantry Boots, S.I Assault boots review

Infantry Boots, S.I Assault boots review


These were supplied to me from a wholesaler in China, The Company is YZH and they seem to be very friendly and understand English very well, unlike some china/Hong Kong retailers who can sometimes struggle to understand you, YZH staff understood me very well. I can recommend there customer service to people looking to set up a shop and find a decent supplier.


The items were packaged in the Infantry boots box and then were well wrapped up; the package also contained the chrono which added to the packaging for the boots.


The items were shipped via UPS and arrived within a week or so of posting, Negotiating the Christmas and New Year holidays. I was surprised at the speed of the deliver.

1st Impressions:

Upon Initial opening of the box, these looked really nice, Felt of good construction and well stitched together. Pulling a few the seams and around the sole, nothing seemed to be loose or come unstitched.

The boots are made of Cordura with a firm rubber sole. The labels show all the technology and fabrics in these boots. They have Lycra Coolmax lining to remove the sweat from the feet, Cordura for its strong resistance to wear and tear.

The insole is 3D max contoured Insole that helps support the feet, The boot is made with suede leather, rubberised front kick section and Multicam Cordura side panels.

As the boots only currently get produced up to size 9 UK, I had to have them sent me instead as I usually take a 10/11 boot. Putting them on I was surprised to find these fitted me; my big toe was just touching the side at the front but wasn’t rubbing.

The Laces were very hard to do up but once you get them done up once or twice then it becomes easier as you don’t have to undo it as much each time. The laces held the foot firmly in places and the boots were comfortable to wear. I soon forgot I was wearing them, after about 1 hour of wearing I could feel slight pressure on parts the foot, not pressure like rubbing, just where it’s holding the foot firmly in place.

Coming in at 600g each boot these are really light, this means you can run in them with out having them feel heavy cumbersome.

On thing these really do need is a tab at the back to enable you to pull them on easier, But undoing the laces slightly more overcomes this issue.


The appearance of these boots is very good, the Multicam works but has too much tan on the one boot, This is just how the material was cut and the other panels are fine, It just means that the one boot blends in more with the boot than its surroundings.  The other panels work well to help blend the boots into its surroundings.

I did notice a appearance problem which was the Infantry logo, the quote “Infantry Boots, the Bast boots 4 tactical” should have read Best not Bast but it’s a simple pretty un-noticeable fault.

The Infantry label on the bottom is poorly stuck on and soon will wear off. It looks the wrong size for the moulding hole it should fit in.


As these are a desert boot they wont be waterproof that much, they can be used in winter as they do keep your feet warm but also cool during the summer (I’m sat in a warm room with an open fire and I can feel my feet staying a reasonable temperature).

These can also be used as walking boots as the soles give good grip and the support to the feet are good.

These could also be used as a work boot (as long as you don’t need steel toe caps) as they are very comfortable to wear.


These boots are comfortable, affordable and well constructed, Granted they won’t be as good as the expensive well known boots. These boots seem to give good support and I can’t see them ruining the feet. I’m glad I got these boots now as they offer more support than my other set of desert boots which were US issue boots.

I gave them 8/10 for construction as they could have done with a pull tab on the back of them and you can see some of the glue from the sole.

I think these will take a while to wear in to my feet but from the initial wearing of these I can confirm they are very comfortable.

As I wear these more and more I will give an update to how they cope with the wear and tear of Airsoft combat situations.


Usability: 9/10

Construction 8/10

Comfort 8.5/10

Value for Money 9/10

Appearance 8/10