Airsoft – An introduction to the sport

So what is Airsoft?

Not many people have heard of Airsoft; however it is not that uncommon. Only the other day someone said to me are you in the army or do you play airsoft.

Airsoft weapons are also the first choice in low to higher budget television shows and movies. Usually where real firearms are illegal or hard to come by.

Airsoft as the sport can be either taken really seriously like military simulation scenarios. Or you can just go with a group of your friends to a skirmish. On the skirmish side of things you can have fast paced games with the element of military tactics still. Paintball is just point and shoot until you get into the competition stages where there are a few more tactics. Airsoft however you always need tactics as you have different weapons which have different ranges of effective shooting.

Okay so tell me more

Airsoft is a game based 100% on honesty as no marks are left on your clothing after you are hit. You do get the occasional bruise or welt from some of the more painful shots.

I personally have been playing airsoft since I was 14 and have never looked back on it. I love sneaking around the enemy to complete my missions. Stealth is an awesome weapon in any aspect of the game.

If there were longer skirmish games about, where you could take a day to complete a mission and 100 – 200 people playing I would be in a world of my own. The only thing with this is they happen once or twice a year. Yes you might have 200 people at a game but the games usually only last for an hour or 2 so people can go back to base rearm and resupply themselves with more ammo.

So what do use for the ammo and what do you fire it from?

Mentioning ammo, we must tell you about the rifles and what they shoot. Most rifles are RIF’s (real imitation Firearms) which look like their real steal version, usually 1:1 scale as much as they can do it.
The rifles have gearboxes or the gas mechanism inside them. This creates the constant shooting (without the need to re-cock them like the cheap ones people used to buy) determines how big the body needs to be. You also can get sniper rifles which are slightly more powerful and usually single shot with them being bolt action.

The difference in platforms and things all determine the ammo used. Most AEG’s (Automatic Electric Guns) fire between 300 and 350fps under UK laws and will then fire between 0.20 and 0.28g BB’s (Plastic Ball Bearings). Sniper rifles that are semi auto, on some sites are allowed to be 450fps which then would fire between 0.25g and 0.36g bb’s with the heavier being better for accuracy as they are less affected by wind. Single shot sniper rifles can fire up to 500fps under UK law and these can use 0.30g to 0.43g bb’s but the internal mechanism in the barrel (known as a hop unit) needs to be very stable to fire the 0.43g bb’s.

What types of weapons do you have then?

You don’t just get electric or spring bolt action, you can get gas blowback rifle which work on either a propellant like R134a or Green gas or a stable compressed gas like HPA or CO2. HPA meaning High Pressure Air but now were getting into the really technical things.

Combat gear is another section I could go on and on about for weeks with. Everyone has their own load-out and as long as you’re comfortable wearing it, then its fine. You only need eye protection if your over 18 or full face protection if you’re under 18. The rest is optional.

I hope now you have a bit more of an understanding of Airsoft as a hobby and sport.

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