Jack Pyke LLCS Woodland Ghillie system review

Jack Pyke LLCS Woodland Ghillie system review



These couple of items that I have to review were supplied directly from theUKdistributor of these items. I don’t want to name them as per their request but I have to say they are a very friendly company and very easy to deal with.


The items were packaged well; I can never ever get items packed in the same way that these companies manage to pack them into boxes. Even when I copy it exactly they never fit so my compliments go out to whoever packaged these items. They were all clothing or pouch items so there was no need to worry that any of the items in the box were going to be damaged. .


The postage of these items took 1 day from when I confirmed what I wanted to order. I was very happy to get home from work to find the items that I had ordered.

1st Impressions:

I’m not going to review each item individually so I will give you a list of the items that I’m including in this review and then does a little section on each individual item as they all make up a good Ghillie suit to use if you want something lightweight. After opening the box and removing the items I was really surprised at how light these items weighed. The main trousers and jacket weigh less than my normal BDU trousers.

The items that I am reviewing in this review are the following items:

  • Ghillie suit
  • Gloves
  • Balaclava

All these three items make a very good set. You don’t need the balaclava in this set up because the jacket has a hood on it but I like the added face coving so there is no need to worry if I lift my head up to take a quiet look around the area.


The fitting of these items was very simple. You don’t even need BDU’s underneath the Ghillie system to work fully. But I would advise that you do to add to the camouflage. The jacket and trousers are mesh with printed leaves on them.

Trousers and Jacket

The trousers and jacket are very lightweight. Very easy to put on over your uniform and you can even put it on when wearing boots. This means that if your on a weekend game and you want to go out as a normal rifle man but then you encounter a sniper or even want to set up an ambush, you can easily store these items in a pocket of your backpack and out them on and get into the heart of the battle easier than just in BDU’s.


The gloves are very comfortable. There are a lot of grip lumps on the fingers which aid in gripping the rifle. The gloves are covered in the same leaf system as the suit which if you can camouflage your rifle in the same way means that there is no way the enemy if he even sees you will be able to see where you’re looking or anything.


The balaclava is not the most comfortable but it does have adjustment to make it tighter or looser. The face veil can be work up or down. As you can see from all the pictures this system is very well made and gives a lot of camouflage benefits over a standard BDU system.


The camouflage that this suit system offers is very nice, although a hand made system like one of my Ghillie suits adds better camouflage for the individual user, on a mass based and also very lightweight system that this item offers I cannot flaw it. I have been using this to try and get close to deer’s for my father as a challenge that he set me. I know my individually hand made system can get me close to wildlife as from when been using them in games. So far I have not seen any deer in my local woods to be able to take up this challenge. Using the suit in game however it has been commented on how effective it actually is. It might not blend into the local environment as well as a burlap/hessian Ghillie suit but in that you would not be very willing to run in them for very long. In the Jack Pyke system I think I could run a marathon in it, it is that light.


The durability of the suit will be tested with a few skirmishes but after one there are no signs of any damage to the suit. The leaves are all sown onto the mesh so there are no hard lumps of glue to make the suit uncomfortable. The only thing I have to be aware of is if this catches on a bramble or branch then it could easily rip the mesh that the suit is made of.


There is nothing that I can flaw about this Ghillie system. The balaclava is slightly uncomfortable to the point that I don’t think I could wear it all day. How ever it does give a lot of added benefits over the jacket hood in the fact that I don’t have to camouflage my face up or worry about my eye protection giving my face shape away.  .

I know I will be using this lot more than my handmade Ghillie system as I can use this for a lot faster paced games and still have the added benefit of hiding out more for those sneaky ambushes. 1 thing I must add is that this system does not stop with just airsoft, it could be used for paintball, and hunting and even I personally feel that if this was put into use with our armed services it could give a good camouflage aspect for all rifle men.

If Jack Pyke were to make a plate carrier and pouches with these leaf systems on them then it would make for a perfect battle dress system.


Construction Quality: 8/10
Value for money 8/10
Ease of fitment: 8/10
Concealment: 8/10