Jing Gong M4A1 FB6604 AEG Review

Jing Gong  M4A1 FB6604 AEG Review


The rifle was supplied from www.acmgear.com and after discussing the new rifles they had in stock, they said that they wanted a better opinion on the M4A1 from Jing Gong. Gabriel again was very helpful with the matter and agreed they would be able to offer me discount on the rifle for the review.




The Item was shipped in the plain cardboard box apart from the Sticker identifying the rifles. This is how the rifle manufacturer supplies the rifle. No more well designed looking boxes with large pictures on them. It seems that over the last few years due to government crackdowns, there are fewer manufacturers making fancy designs on their boxes.



The Item was shipped via Hong Kong EMS speed service. I tracked its process from shipment until the door. Excluding the weekend and a bank holiday it was 3 days to get here, though customs and into my house. As usual Hong Kong EMS amazes me at the speed of it. I just wish UK postage could be as quick for parcels.


1st Impressions:

Upon opening the box I was hit by a very strong smell of TCP (disinfectant) which I guessing they used to clean the rifle before packaging. The rifle itself feels fairly decently made. There were a few slight wobbles in the stock, stock tube and the metal body. The barrel has no wobbles however. There are a few parts on the rifle I really like; the Trademark engravings are really nice and although the metal body itself is not finished that well. The engravings make up for that. The rifle has a mosfet fitted which is a nice feature. It’s not a Braking mosfet but it still will help prevent the trigger contacts burning out on higher voltage battery setups and the final part I really like is it comes with a side facing front sling mount which when using a 3 point M4 sling it will allow the rifle to sit flat against the body rather than twisted with the magazine and pistol grip sticking in your back.



The package includes:

1X M4A1
1X High cap magazine
1x cleaning rod
1X Manual
1x Bag Goldenball BB’s 0.25g
1x EU charger
1x 9.6v mini Battery
1x magazine quick wind key
1x front sight adjustment key


The construction of this rifle is 90% metal and 10% polymer. The polymer parts are the Stock, Pistol Grip and the Hand guard. The rest of the rifle is metal. Testing with a magnet I found that the Flash hider, body pins, stock screw and the carry handle clamp are all steel. The rest is aluminium or alloy construction.

The gearbox looks to be a SystemA clone version with the mosfet. Opening the dustcover there was a lot of grease coming out of the cylinder port. This will need looking at when I downgrade the power to a more UK friendly power of 330fps.

The body don’t seem to be made that well at all. It rattles more than a ladies handbag and there are dents and marks all over it from poor casting and more than likely poor construction techniques.

The carry handle is Okay construction but the rear sight block is terrible. It won’t adjust without a lot of effort and even then it wobbles like crazy.

There is one thing that is smooth and that is the selector lever. It is really nice and clicks into place well. I have been crawling with this rifle and it hasn’t yet changed place like a lot of M4’s tend to do.


Firing the rifle straight out of the box with 0.20g bb’s was terrible.

I chronographed the rifle at 420fps and the rounds were not just going skyward with the hop set fully off, but they were going left right and centre. I tried the rifle with 0.25g bb’s as well and even then the accuracy wasn’t that much better.

Even thought the accuracy is poor, the rifles power is very consistent with about 10 fps variations from the highest to lowest recorded FPS.

I would however advise anyone buying the rifle to be prepared to replace the hop rubber with a decent one and especially to clean the barrel thoroughly with IPA to remove all the production much and grease that has accumulated in the rifle. In some circumstances, replacing the barrel may be a better option than cleaning it. But this is only if after 10 run through with the cleaning rod your cleaning material is still coming out black.

I have yet to spend time cleaning the barrel as I’m in need of downgrading this to 330fps for the UK limits on sites that I play at. However I’m pretty sure you won’t need much more than a new hop rubber, clean the barrel and the spring change as all the rest seems to perform very well.

Installing the battery is very easy and the delta ring is soft to move but holds the grips in place with ease.


The rifle is lovely looking but the build quality lets itself down slightly. It is still the best M4A1 to come from Jing Gong but definitely not the best out of china. The mosfet gives the rifle a nice little advantage over some of its competition as for novices that don’t know much about them or installing them this will save them all that time and gives a better trigger response.

The battery supplied is a very nice one and holds it charge well. I had it left in the rifle for 3 days and it still fired it after it had been left.

If the barrel and hop were cleaner and worked more effectively this would be an ideal starter rifle. Cleaning the barrel is a very easy task for novices to do, but changing the hop rubber can be a daunting task/ I remember my 1st time at working on a hop unit I didn’t realise there was a hop nub and I couldn’t work out why the hop unit wasn’t working. 7 years on from that day and I can strip and build hop units and even rifles with my eyes shut.


Value for money: 7.5/10
Construction: 5/10
Range and accuracy out the box: 3/10
Range and accuracy after adjustment: 7/10
Consistencies out the box: 8/10
Consistencies after adjustment: 8/10
Accessories: 7/10