Jing Gong MP5SD5 Review

Jing Gong MP5SD5 Review


Item was supplied from RSOV, Shipping was efficient, received within 5 days of shipment using Airmail, and No custom charges were incurred on the item.


The item was part of a bulk order and the box the rifle came in was well packaged in a larger box, Upon opening the main order, there was plenty of packaging to make sure no damage was occurred during transit,

When I opened the box I was greeted with a perfectly looking MP5SD5. Included in the package was:

1x MP5SD5

1x Magazine

1x Large battery

1x charger

1x user manual.

1x Silencer to save space in the box.

1x cheap sling

1st impressions:

Removing the sub-machine gun from the box it had a nice weight to it, the plastic furniture was sturdy, no creaks or damage. Only problem I noticed was the hand-guard was loose and missing 2 retaining pins but it’s not noticeable when the hand-guard is in place.

Once the silencer is fitted it looks really nice.

Charging Battery and instillation:

I never used the supplied battery charger as I have a decent auto charger. 1st charge of the battery was done on low amp’s to maximise life of the battery. Once fully charged it was really easy to connect to the rifle. 1st you remove the Butt pad from the rifle, slide the battery in, connect the wires, and push in the wires so the butt pad can be refitted and then refit the butt pad.


Got it out of the box, charged the battery and went to fire and noticed the selector was slightly faulty, a quick removal found it was miss-aligned, re-aligned and it worked fine after that,

On 1st impression it fires really nicely, there is a nice whir, and muffled fwap from the silencer, the range was decent with the hop fully off, I managed 20 meters. Adjusting the hop up is really easy, it’s a simple tab that just slides above the magazine well. I adjusted it to about half way to get a perfect range of about 40+ meters. I did notice it can be knocked off but a simple quick movement re-adjusts the hop.

On 1st skirmish outing the rile chrono’d at an average of 355fps with 0.2gram bb’s over 5 shots and after a hours use had settled to a perfect 340fps. Range was impressive for such a small sub-machine gun.

The size is a added bonus as it’s a nice length but small enough to get through tight spaces and able to flank enemies easily.

Looks of the rifle:

I could find no problems with the looks of the rifle with regards to the ABS plastic, however I did notice that the paint for the selector positions were all smudged and repeated as if there was another gun leant against mine, (its nothing huge and a spray of black will fix it)

Quality of battery:

The battery held its charge well and lasted for a good 3 hour game and about 5 or 6 500 round high-caps. After the game the battery had plenty of life and was begging me to take it back out again.


The rifle is supplied with a 200 round High cap, this works flawlessly. I have had no jams with it at all,

Adjusting the sights:

I found that adjusting the sights were really easy, as easy as the Real steal version. Took a matter of seconds to adjust accurately and with the drum type sight you have various ranges and battle sights easy to hand.


There is a 6.08mm barrel fitted as standard. But as of yet I have not needed to strip the internals of this rifle.

Sling fitment:

The sling was really easy to fit, simply clipped onto the front and back but the quality was poor, the clips snapped in minutes.


This Sub-Machine gun is well built with minimal needing doing to it, it is to use and a good first choice gun. Reason for 5/5 for value was due to it not having any mechanical problems and very easy to use, I don’t think it needs a tight-bore fitting as the range and accuracy is good as standard, 4/5 for build quality is because the body paint job wasn’t perfect, 4/5 for performance was due to the fitment of a none tight-bore barrel, accessories scored low due to the sling being poor quality.

Upgrades recommended:

None, this is perfect as it is.

Just advise getting some of the 500 round magazines for this


Value for money 4/5

Build Quality 4/5

Performance 4/5

Accessories 2/5