King Arms 450rd magazine 5 set box set Review

King Arms 450rd magazine 5 set box set Review




The Package was shipped directly from the King Arms factory in Hong Kong. The communication was fantastic with the company and when I had a shipping problem they did all they could to sort this out and help me. For a busy company there customer service is top notch. Mark is extremely helpful and is all up for promoting there products.




The item was packaged in retail box and then wrapped in heavy duty shipping paper.



The shipping was done via Hong Kong Speedpost and the service to the UK was fantastic, taking just over 24 hours to fly half way around the world. Once in the UK it took 2 days to be delivered. Contacting parcel force was easy and friendly service.


1st Impressions:


Opening the packaging there laid a nicely designed King Arms box. Opening it up there was 5 magazines separated by a piece of cardboard and the spare space was filled with a piece of bubble wrap. The magazines are slightly longer than the 300 round ones that most manufactures use. These magazines are about 5mm longer than the length of a real M4 magazine. This helps to add a little more authenticity to your load out.


5X 450 round High cap M4 magazines


The construction of the magazines are nice, the fill flap is on a nice catch so it wont accidentally undo when stored upside down in your mag pouch, The way it works is you have to flick it back before it hinges up.
The construction is of the magazine is metal and has a nice feel to it.


These magazines all feed nicely into my rifles and none of them have jammed, Rifles I have tested these magazines fit into are KA Larue, Dboys M4 and the Army L85A1


These magazines are excellent, whether it be for your M4 or SA80 these are recommended. Unless you’re going for the Mil-sim role these are all the magazines you will need.


Value for money: 10/10

Construction: 10/10

Feeding: 10/10