King Arms AK47s review

King Arms AK47S (Metal and real wood) Review





The Package was shipped directly from the King Arms factory in Hong Kong. The communication was fantastic with the company and when I had a shipping problem they did all they could to sort this out and help me. For a busy company there customer service is top notch. It did take me a few emails to get a reply but since then I have not had a problem since.




The item was packaged in retail box and then wrapped in heavy duty shipping paper. This was undamaged and is very strong for the shipping purpose.




The shipping was done via Hong Kong Speedpost and the service to the UK was fantastic, taking just over 24 hours to fly half way around the world. Only then did the slow service of the UK customs and parcel service take over. Customs were fantastic in clearing the item. It took 1 phone call to give my skirmishing site’s details and within the day it had been released.


1st Impressions:




My 1st impressions of the AK47 were that it had a good weight to It and the finish on it was fantastic. It has little flaws. I did notice the manual was ripped where it had been placed over the cocking handle. It was still readable and all that. The magazine was a nice mat black finished 600 Round hi-cap. The magazine clicks into place with a nice clunk and does not wobble.

The only wobbles that I could find were the pistol grip was slightly loose and the stock when extended wobbles (common with all AK47s I think that this is actually there on the real steel model)

The manual has a QC (Quality Control) passes stamp on it and also the box I found has the same stamp on it. I can tell the King arm QC process is a reasonable one because the magazine came with some rounds still in the feed tube from where the rifle had been test fired previous to shipping. The QC process did miss a wobbly front stock but that was a loose screw.

Also unlike most china made AEG’s this does not come with a battery or charger, nor a cleaning rod (this I was disappointed at) but considering most the china made batteries supplied with there products that I have had, pretty much 75% of them were duff anyway so its not a huge problem.




The construction of this AK is of Aluminium, Steel and Real wood. The parts that I have found to be steel are the folding stock, trigger guard, top cover, Selector, Part of the front sight post and the rod under the barrel.

The aluminium parts are the body, outer barrel and the sight towers.

The Fore-grip and pistol grip are made out of real wood and removing the grip from the motor you can see where it was milled out. This is the weakest part of the whole rifle because dropping it could easily split the wood as its really thin around the motor. Also the grip was slightly loose so I will look into finding a washer to go under the screw to clamp it better. The wood is shiny and does sound a bit like plastic when tapped but it definitely is wood. The shine can be a bit off putting but I’m sure with a sand down and re-stain/varnish it will look better.

The selector has a very firm clunky movement to this and has already started to create the wear on the body like all AK47’s. I really love how stiff it is too move reducing the problem of the selector moving between the firing positions and causing problems.

Installing the battery under the top cover is really easy and when finished the top cover clicks back into place with no wobble and just a slight back to forward movement if you physically slide it.

Folding the stock out is very smooth and stiff resulting in it not accidentally moving should the button be pressed. The stock clears the magazine and selectors allowing for the stock to be folded away with out compromising the ability to fire the Rifle.

The mechbox is nice and quiet when test firing the rifle. The mechbox is a version 3 mechbox with 7mm bearings. On an 8.4v mini stick battery motor turns the mechbox over at a good rate of and does not have a smell of burning bushes unlike a few of my china clones.



Upon prelim firing of the rifle I noticed there were a few problems with the magazine, firstly the magazine had a tendency not to fit into the rifle after it had been inserted and removed a couple of times. This was down to the pin near the top that holds the lip in place and also holds the magazine together. This is a problem because the pin has no rough surface to grip the hole its inserted into. I also noticed that the pin is 1 or 2mm too short for the hole and thus slips out of the outer hole causing the jamming of the magazine and not letting it be inserted.
The other problem was the magazine has a tendency to jam and not feed ammo into the rifle. I guess this is why the ammo was still left in the feed tube when I received it, I’m guessing they emptied the mag but 5 or 6 rounds were jammed in the winder like what happened to me. I will see if I can fix this problem after taking it to the 1st game. I will be using my spare magazine from other AKs I have had.

Setting the hop unit was really easy and it gives fantastic range as you would expect to see from an AKs hop unit. The slide moves easily but not freely so it stays set in place but is really easy to adjust. I was easily getting 40 meters before I was loosing sight of the bb.

The AK47 chrono’s at an average of 319.6 Fps and the following were the individual shot fps.

Shot 1 – 320fps

Shot 2 – 319fps

Shot 3 – 318fps

Shot 4 – 315fps

Shot 5 – 318fps

Shot 6 – 320fps

Shot 7 – 321fps

Shot 8 – 325fps

Shot 9 – 318fps

Shot 10 – 322fps

The range is good and I have not had a jam with good ammo. I was using some not so good ammo that I needed to get rid off and it jammed a few times. I will keep firing her to see if I do get a jam. (it could be that this has a tight bore barrel in it and the one I usually use the poor ammo in which don’t jam is just the standard barrel).  I found that the rifle was not too heavy to carry around with even when slung on my back as a back up.

I was impressed with the standard rate of fire and easy hop adjustment (as its smooth and fairly loose movement) The hop was starting to bed in as the day went on but still needs to bed in a lot more and I will update this review as that happens.



This rifle is excellent, I had a good few comments about this ranging from “not to heavy” too “the wood has a nice finish, not too shiny, not too plastic looking”  I found that after use the wood started to show signs that it was wearing and taking a battering like most AKs in the world look like so I don’t think I will need to artificially wear this. I give the rifle good marks in the ratings section as it deserves it.

I gave it a 7/10 for value as the rifle is extremely well built but the magazine and lack of a battery or charger is the 3 marks let down but if this was just going to be a review of the rifle and nothing else it would have scored a 9/10 if not 9.5/10.

I have given the accessories a score of 2/10 due to the fact the magazine had problems feeding and also with the pin that is inserted to keep it all together keeps coming loose. I would give the magazine a potential of 8/10 if the magazine was fully working with no problems, the package would only be missing a cleaning rod, battery and charger to make this a 10/10 for the accessories side of the rifle.


Construction: 9.5/10

Range and accuracy: 9.5/10

Value for money: 7/10

Consistencies: 9/10

Accessories:  2/10 with potential to be 8/10