King Arms M4 LaRue 9.0″ Tactical review

King Arms Larue 9.0” Tactical Review




The Package was shipped directly from the King Arms factory in Hong Kong. The communication was fantastic with the company and when I had a shipping problem they did all they could to sort this out and help me. For a busy company there customer service is top notch. Mark is extremely helpful and is all up for promoting there products.




The item was packaged in retail box and then wrapped in heavy duty shipping paper. This damaged via the shipping process, the wrapping was torn around the middle but was still holding the box together. Luckily the Rifle’s box was not damaged.




The shipping was done via Hong Kong Speedpost and the service to the UK was fantastic, taking just over 24 hours to fly half way around the world. Once in the UK it took 2 days to be delivered. Contacting parcel force was easy and friendly service.


1st Impressions:


Opening the packaging there laid a nicely designed King Arms box which is fairly generic between all there products (but as they say if it works don’t fix it) so they don’t need to design another packaging as it’s nice.

Removing the lid there is the usual foam padding covering a cut out foam padding for the rifle and accessories to fit into.

The packaging is cut for multiple different rifles and this fits in but a few more cut outs could be a bit more useful.

The rifle has a nice weight to it being full metal. The RAS is CNC machined with Larue Tactical trades on them including the pat pending details.

Fitting the vertical grip to the rifle is fairly tricky as it has two strongly sprung catches but this enables it to fit snugly with no play in the grip, Being slightly shorter than grips I have been used to it feels slightly weird but actually is more comfortable.

I did notice the stock is wobbly which can be annoying but if it’s shouldered firmly then you can stop it wobbling. The stock comes with a QD sling swivel and small storage compartment below the sling point.  The stock has 6 positions it can be adjusted to and has the numbers marked on the buffer tube that can be read through a small hole.

The flip up sights give a clean look to the rifle when folded down and a good aiming system when folded up.

The metal body has full Larue trade marks on it:

Model LT-15

Cal 5.56MM


I like the fake bolt catch and bolt release, this helps with adjusting the hop unit while giving a cleaner look.


The package includes:

1X Larue 9.0” Tactical AEG

1X Vertical grip

1x 300round Magazine

1x Instruction manual


The construction of the rifle is full metal with CNC machined RAS. The top rail has white numbers marked from 0 – 12 on it and then this continue 14 – 32 on the RAS. On the RAS there is Larue Tactical, 2004 APPI PAT PENDING on the top Right corner. Just about the QD Sling swivel attachments. On the side at the bottom it says “Live free or die”

There are no creaks between the body, front end and pistol grip. The floating RAS is held nice and firm to the body. The attention to detail is very nice including the fake gas tube.

The stock wobbling is the only problem I have found with the construction.


Firing the rifle has a nice sound to it, it sounds like there is a metal piston head fitted. The motor seems nice and has good torque on an 8.4v mini battery. Setting the hop I found that it was not liking to give a flat trajectory, it was either under hopping or over hopping. I stripped and replaced the hop nub with a guarder nub and this still did not fix the problem, I will investigate this problem and update this when necessary.

When the rifle did shoot with a flat trajectory the range was nice and accuracy good also. This is lovely to fire with a good rate of fire but not too excessive. I hope to fix the problem with the hopping.

Selecting auto is a little stiff but I feel this is better it gives more feedback on the switch and also stops you accidentally selecting auto instead of semi.


This is a lovely rifle, for the price of it, I would have to say it needs to be a little bit better built regarding the wobbly stock and hop problem. But they are minor issues considering the rest of the rifle. I have yet to skirmish this but see my self doing so a lot with this rifle when fixed because it’s not too heavy, well balanced and have a nice purr to it when firing. I gave the accessories an 8/10 because the magazine is a nice design, the fill hatch wont open accidentally and it also feeds nicely, but I feel this would be better with a battery supplied with it (even if not a charger) as not everyone has crane stock batteries. Also a cleaning rod would be nice.


Value for money: 8/10

Construction: 8/10

Range and accuracy: 6/10 (if I fix the hop I will update this rating)

Consistencies: 6/10 (if I fix the hop I will update this rating)

Accessories: 8/10


After a few months of using and abusing this rifle, I have just cleaned the barrel due to accidentally burying the barrel into a mud bank when my sling link snapped (key ring links are useful until they stretch out too much).

This rifle has performed flawlessly. I have attached an 8.4v battery in a homemade pouch to the side of the stock as I can now run the rifle longer.

I have yet had to set the hop, the rifle chrono’s each game at 330fps and the range is good for a M4 platform (reaching about the same as the AK rental guns at our site).

I soon endeavour to fit a Q.D silencer to this and possibly run a tighter inner barrel just to increase the groupings over the longer ranges.



I spent a good time cleaning the barrel before my last game, took about 10 times through with degreaser on the cleaning wad to get the barrel clean, Once cleaned i ran a light smear of silicon oil down the barrel. The groupings increased and re-setting the hop in the game gave me better accuracy still.

I have a Q.D silencer from element fitted which will be reviewed shortly.