KWC CO2 Taurus PT99 review

KWC Taurus PT99 CO2 short magazine Review



Item was supplied directly from KWC themselves, there communication was top notch, and they responded to my email within 10 hours and followed up (within there working hours) about 10 minutes after I emailed them. They made sure all the paperwork was supplied with the package.


Item was shipped via EMS, the item tool less than a week to arrive and came with no damage to the box, no custom charges.


The item was supplied in a strong cardboard box, with polystyrene packaging to prevent damage in transit. Was then wrapped well in Selo-tape and then secures with reinforced packaging straps.

1st impressions:

Upon opening the box I was greeted with a very well designed packaging box, the logo of Taurus is in the bottom left, next to that it says “Full auto, KGC-15AX made in Taiwan PT99 Taurus” has all the details of the pistol in the top right corner. I must point out that at this point I had noticed the box weights a fair weight. Just over 1.5kg Inc the box.

Opening the box, I’m presented with there brochure, instruction booklet and magazine information leaflet. Beneath the paper work sits the pistol, magazine, sample set of bb’s and the tool to access the CO2 cap on the magazine. 1st sight of the pistol is wonderful, full trademarks are visible.

Upon removing the pistol from the box, you do notice the weight of the item; it’s constructed of full metal. Applying a magnet to the pistol there appears to be little steel in the pistol. Only bit appears to be around the blowback mechanism.


I pulled the trigger and the there was a nice metallic slap as the hammer hits the back of the slide and the firing mechanism. The safety is only engage-able when the pistol is cocked. Unfortunately only to my disappointment it didn’t stop the slide moving. The safety lever also doubles up as the selector switch. Fully up being safe, middle equals single shot and down is fully auto. I pulled the slide back and applied the slide stop. It works really nicely and the slide feels well constructed. Upon pulling the slide back to release the slide stop, letting it go it flies forward nicely with a nice slap as it comes to rest. The hammer can be cocked with the slide, manually cocked or works with the trigger. With the trigger it wont fire unless it’s been previously cocked by the other two methods.

Next we come to the magazine, its normal pistol magazine shaped and size, none this ugly extension for the CO2 mechanism. It has a lovely weight to the magazine. On the bottom is a Nylon screw which is where the CO2 bulb fits into the magazine. Sliding the magazine into the pistol is a nice smooth action but is stiff for the 1st few times. It fits in with a nice click and is well held in with the magazine release.  Remove the magazine, unscrew the nylon screw with the supplied Allen key and then insert a CO2 bulb (these are not supplied with the pistol) following the instructions you screw in the nylon cap until it gets slightly stiff as the bulb reaches the opening pin. At this point you then screw in the end cap fast and hard until it’s fully inserted and no leaks can be heard.

You then can load the 30 rounds to the magazine in double stack.


Insert the magazine to the pistol. (Remembering to always wear eye protection when firing the pistol) I found it best to have the pistol in the locked open position when inserting the magazine. Then cock the pistol off the bolt stop and let it slap forward. Ensure the safety is applied still at this time. When you come to fire the pistol, the safety is easily removed (I have found the selector wont work well unless you cock the pistol first). Squeezing the trigger there is a nice loud crack of the pistol firing, and then it slaps back with not too much recoil and is ready to fire again. The cycling of the pistol is a dream; it sounds really nice and feels even better. Switching to fully auto, this pistol then turns to beast, unloading between 3 and 5 shots in a single 1-2second burst. I did notice on first test that this had massive cool down. Out side temperatures were about 4 or 5 degree’s Upon bringing the pistol back inside, I noticed that the bulb had run out due to the massive cool down (only happened on fully auto) when in the warm and on a new bulb it fired a good few shots, Single is better for the pistol if you want more shots per bulb, but if you get into a sticky situation then fully auto is a nice option to have. I managed to get through 3 bulbs in about 5 magazines and a few dry fires; this was mainly due to the cold weather, as when in my bedroom (which was at about 22 degrees) the pistol lasted longer than 2 magazine fills.

Looks and feel:

The looks of this pistol are very very impressive; the trade marks are etched into the metal of the pistol. My trademarks read “Taurus Miami Fl, INT. MFG. INC.” on the left side of the slide, underneath this on the frame I have a serial number (not sure if it’s unique) which reads “TRD90106740”.

Turning the pistol over on the right side of the slide reads “PT99 AF, Cal. 9mm PARA” and “FORJAS TAURUS S.A. Made in Taiwan”

The grips are made of plastic and sound tacky when tapped, a nice set of wood grips would look really nice on this, and anyway the grips have the Taurus logo on them.

Strip down of this pistol is like the real steel, press the button on the frame, flip down the strip down mechanism and slide the slide off (make sure magazine is removed) this then allows access to the BAX (hop) system. The adjustment of this system is really easy. You just turn the screw with a small flat blade screw driver


I did notice that in cold weather this don’t like conserving the gas and has little time for the CO2 to expand from its compressed state, which in turn freezes the CO2 capsule resulting in slow firing, no blowback. Once warmed up it does fire again but only 1 or 2 shots and then runs out. In warmer weather it works nicer, but I have not yet been able to get the 120 shots as mentioned on the website.


This pistol is excellent. Great values for money, excellent build quality, excellent magazine design. Lovely feel and weight to it. Could do with being a bit better on the gas consumption but I will keep this review updated as I skirmish it more and run it on Crosman capsules at a later date. If the woods were wood, this would be the best pistol I’ve owned which is standard out of the factory.

I will get this chrono’d soon and see if it’s near the 1.4J as promised on the box.



Value for money 9.5/10

Build quality 9/10

Performance 8.5/10

Usability 8.5/10