LCT Metal LR16A4 Blowback AEG Rifle Review

LCT Airsoft Full Metal LR16A4 Blowback AEG Rifle Review

Item: LCT LR16A4 AEG Rifle

LCT Airsoft Full Metal LR16A4 Blowback AEG Rifle Review


LCT Airsoft Full Metal LR16A4 Blowback AEG Rifle Review

This Item which has only just been released was supplied direct from the LCT factory in Taiwan. All the inquiries were dealt with the factory, very swiftly and pleasantly by their assistant manager who is in charge of promoting the items.

LCT Airsoft Full Metal LR16A4 Blowback AEG Rifle Review


At the time of the item being dispatched the LR16A4 model was not yet released from the factory for the market. It was a week or so away from release and was to be reviewed to coincide with both the official release from LCT and the revamped Mad Mercs Airsoft Review website. Unfortunately it seems that once again UK postal system and customs are slow. It took nearly 2 months to clear UK customs. Not because of the law as I have my defence under the VCRA, but because the customs department were being slow.

LCT Airsoft Full Metal LR16A4 Blowback AEG Rifle Review
They advised me they had written to me, as of yet which is over 2 months from initial contact with customs, I have not received any communication in the form of writing. I supplied my defence 3 times as the one on the parcel was not checked and they said my UKARA was not valid, I don’t use UKARA which was confusing how they got a number to check.  Then the 2nd time they lost it, 3rd time it cleared the same day. Brilliant I thought but then came the next month long wait to prove its value which finally happened and was released, only for parcel force to take an extra week to collect it and deliver it, even though it was 24 hour service.


LCT Airsoft Full Metal LR16A4 Blowback AEG Rifle Review

When the parcel came, the packaging was all intact, I am not sure if customs had not opened it as from what I could see it did look like the original tape on the box. Opening the box reviled the plain brown LCT box inside. The rifle inside this box looked to be originally zip tied to the box and then cellophane wrapped. My rifle was not tied down and the cellophane was all opened.  This meant that the rifle could move about during transit. I thought that this would give a nice indication how strong the rifle is, but I would have loved to be the first to remove the packaging from the rifle.

1st Impressions:

LCT Airsoft Full Metal LR16A4 Blowback AEG Rifle Review

LCT Airsoft Full Metal LR16A4 Blowback AEG Rifle Review

I cleared my mind from the customs and postage disaster and moved on to look at the rifle in more detail.

LCT stands for Li Cheng Technique and so far they are responsible for making some very high standard of AK platform rifles.
I have not seen or held a LCT rifle before but have seen and heard many reports of the LCT AK series being one of the best on the market so I was looking forward to seeing how the company would make the M4/M16 series.

My initial thoughts and impressions on the rifle made the past reports and information I had heard about LCT 100% true. This was one fantastic feeling rifle, Okay there are no engraved markings on the receiver but the rest of the rifle looks and feels amazing.
The whole rifle has a very heavy construction to it, weighing in at just shy of 4Kg. There seemed to be no loose parts and everything felt well made.

LCT Airsoft Full Metal LR16A4 Blowback AEG Rifle Review

External Construction:

The rifle appears to be made to very high standards of finishing. The whole rifle has real steel feel to it and I can only flaw the stock for having a small moulding seam on it. The rifle is front heavy like the real steel version. The rails are constructed of high quality Aluminium and there are lashings of steel all over the rifle as well.

You can easily see how much time LCT have spent putting this into production and all the parts are made and assembled in house by LCT. It is this love and devotion that makes the externals of this rifle stand out from the rest.

After a nice look over I came across the 1st issue with the rifle, the Battery lead is too short for the M16 full stock, so connecting a battery up is the hardest part on any rifle I have ever handled. It is one of those issues that if your battery dies mid game you will have to return to the safe zone to be able to change it properly. I hope LCT will revise the wiring for the M16 series to make it longer to make installing the battery simpler.

LCT Airsoft Full Metal LR16A4 Blowback AEG Rifle Review

LCT Airsoft Full Metal LR16A4 Blowback AEG Rifle Review

The 2nd and 3rd problem appeared with the firing of the rifle. 1st the range was terrible and the chrono showed up at 240fps. I usually do a good field test of the rifle and then take the receiver apart to look at the inner parts but I could not skirmish the rifle with the accuracy that low. I can play with 250fps easily as you just set the hop up to be accurate to as far as possible and the shots will make it eventually to the target.

LCT Airsoft Full Metal LR16A4 Blowback AEG Rifle ReviewLCT Airsoft Full Metal LR16A4 Blowback AEG Rifle Review

Once I had fixed the hop issue I managed to get better accuracy and it allowed me to get better enjoyment out the rifle again. The power was still low so I set about changing the spring to give me 328fps. After the spring change this felt a whole lot more useable.

LCT Airsoft Full Metal LR16A4 Blowback AEG Rifle Review

LCT Airsoft Full Metal LR16A4 Blowback AEG Rifle Review

I don’t want this to sound all negative as the rifle fired crisp, the gearbox sounded smooth and had been well put together, it cycled 100% every time and never jammed on me.  The only time single shot played up was when the battery was virtually dead and then just switching to auto, letting a shot odd and then switching back to single was fine with a new battery installed.

If you use single shot loads the motor gets hot but all rifles do this that I have found, It depends on how good a quality the motor is if over time it affects it or not. So far this has not been affected.

LCT Airsoft Full Metal LR16A4 Blowback AEG Rifle Review
Internal Construction:

Lovely external construction is matched by good internal construction. The Hop unit is outdated slightly with the new dial style hop units fairing a lot better in newer setups. The gearbox on the other hand is top notch, the gears are lightly greased, the bearings hold grease in them too. The piston is reinforced with a metal piston head. It is greased lightly here too. The air seal is great with only a small amount of leakage between the cylinder head and nozzle.

The gears are LCT branded which again leads to my earlier comment about everything being made by LCT in house.

LCT Airsoft Full Metal LR16A4 Blowback AEG Rifle Review

LCT Airsoft Full Metal LR16A4 Blowback AEG Rifle Review

LCT Airsoft Full Metal LR16A4 Blowback AEG Rifle Review


Out of the box this was nearly impossible to use due to the hop unit, it took me 5 minutes to fix this and then it allowed the rifle to be used nicely. The power was only with this rifle due to it being originally destined for a country with a 0.5j limit. I fixed this to allow UK woodland play and I had so much fun, My arms ached at the end of the day due to the weight but I am not complaining as it will make me stronger the more I use it.

Magazine compatibility was a downside if you like midcaps. The only ones that I found to feed were LCT own brand, my MAG and Classic Army ones would not feed into the rifle.
High capacity magazines worked from all manufactures and this was how I ran the day, I just made sure to keep the rattling to a minimum when trying to outflank players and then use this rifles formidable range to take out lots of targets.

As you can see from this game play video the rifle was great for woodland and even some CQB woodland fort clearing too.

Contour Roam 2 footage:




Not until recently have I had such a smile on my face, I spent the last few games playing with some formidable rifles from the likes of BO Manufacture, VFC and this LCT rifle. Out of the 3 I have been testing I would say this is the best like for like rifle when compared to real steel construction. I personally love my long rifles so this ticks more boxes for me too.

So after saying that, this is one very very well made rifle with a few niggles to its name. I’m not going to put this rifle down and say don’t buy it at all. I would say there are better M4/M16 platform rifles out there in regards to improved hop units and the battery lead being longer. If you want a rifle that is finished to a very high standard and you are happy tinkering if needed then this is definitely the one for you. I have never held a rifle that felt so complete and well constructed as this. I gave it 9.5 out of 10, I was going to give it 10/10 which would have been the 1st I have given such a high rating to. The only thing that let it down was that the stock had a big mould line down it. If it had been given a rubbery coating like most then it would have scored that elusive 10/10. Very well done LCT.

The 4 issues with this rifle really are small things which are easily fixed. 1. You could make a battery cable extender, 2. The hop unit works well after putting a clip on the back of the adjuster that keeps popping off, I think mine was just battered in the post, 3. The power I believe was just which version I had been sent. It was identified to be sent to a country with 0.5j power limit. Finally the 4th issue was only with midcap magazines that I have don’t work in the rifle, only the ones LCT make work but there are many more on the market that I have not had a chance to test in this rifle. High caps work from any manufacture.

So putting these little issues aside I will recommend this rifle. I had feedback from the factory and they advised me they have noted the issues that I have raised and they are going to improve the rifle in future releases.

The only issue I was concerned about the factory fixing was the length of battery wire, the rest was more of a niggle.

Again no battery and charger scores this rifle a low 2/10, I would have thought again high end manufactures could include a decent battery with this rifle as then it would be a great all round starter rifle for people new to the sport and want reliability.

Accessories: 2/10

Affordability:  7/10

External construction: 9.5/10

Internal construction: 7/10

Usability: 7/10

Firing: 7/10

Overall:  7.5/10