M4 GBBR enhanced recoil modification.

M4 GBBR enhanced recoil modification.

To carry out the M4 GBBR enhanced recoil modification you will need to get the following items together:

Tools needed:

Wire cutters

Parts needed:

Old TM AEG spring.


Cut 11 coils off a Tm standard spring and then open you M4 up.

Remove the buffer from the buffer tube

Put the cut end of the spring onto the buffer

Reinstall the buffer into the buffer tube.

Close the M4 up and test.


Before Modification


After Modification


I have found that the recoil modification has enhanced the felt recoil but after a while the Chinese body that I had installed this into started to deteriorate. I changed it over for a King Arms CNC metal body and there was no issue with any structural defects.

This modification is done at your own risk. We here at Mad Mercs Airsoft reviews hold no liability if anything should go wrong with the installation or the rifle after the modification has been carried out. The guide is for information only!