Magpul PTS 120rd Pmag Review

Magpul PTS 120rd Pmag Review


Item was supplied from ; I ordered these on a Friday night and thought that they would not be dispatched for a week or so due to the 5 day processing time. However the Friday that I ordered my items it seems that they had caught up the orders that week and my order was processed the same night.


All the items I purchased from ACMGear were very well wrapped; all the items were as described with no visual defects. I was really pleased with how these were packed so that nothing got damaged during the transit. I was so surprised at how they were packaged; I have yet to get the items to go back into the same box that they came out of.


Postage was very reasonable, seems to be the cheapest of any shops in Hong Kong with No hidden charges from my investigations (the prices are virtually what you pay at the post office in Hong Kong plus packaging. As I purchased all the items together I was unsure of the postage cost of the individual item.

1st Impressions:

I have never been a huge fan of all these Magpul products but as I was in need of some new magazines I thought I would try one of these out before splashing out all my cash on 9 more of these. Upon opening the packaging I wasn’t overly impressed. I have owned a clone Pmag before and that looked a lot better, it had fake bullet window and had the same texture as the original magazines. When it comes to fitting the magazine into a rifle however, that is whole different story.


These magazines fit into any of my M4s that I have lying around. They even fit into my Dboys M4A1 that no other magazine fits without some modification. There was no wobble in the magazine well either. The Magazine had a cover on the top of them to stop dust, but this does get in the way during games as with the cover fitted I cannot get them into my fastmag pouches. Another good feature with the Pmags is you can remove the base plate and install ranger plates which don’t come off like the Magpul pullers that just grip onto the sides of normal magazines.


These magazines are made of an impact resistant polymer Hence the name Pmags (Polymer Magazine). The construction out of this material allows the magazine to take a lot of abuse and still work well.


The magazine feeds nicely and took 120 rounds easily on 1st use. Sometimes these magazines need to be broken in 1st to enable the spring to fully compress to the 120 round capacities. I used the magazine in a couple of skirmishes on the weekend and during that skirmish I threw the magazine to a team mate who failed to catch it and it didn’t break and continued to feed flawlessly. Crawling through bushes and ferns (whole of my kit was covered in muck) it continued to feed where my MAG midcaps started to jam due to bits getting in the way.


These are very good magazines and well constructed. Feed flawlessly but I would really like to see them like the clones, with the fake bullet window. I will be replacing my magazines slowly with a set of these magazines but only 1 at a time due to the costs of them.


Usability: 8/10
Value for money: 5/10
Construction: 9/10
Durability: 8/10