Magpul PTS Green Label 75rd Emag Review

Magpul PTS Green Label 75rd EMAG review



The item was supplied by Airsoft Club from Hong Kong, Once again I dealt with “Dennis” and after getting my email to stop showing up as spam on their email filters I was able to happily discuss these items that I was interested in. I decided on an EMAG over a PMAG as I wanted to see what the differences were between the two magazines


The four items that I received from Airsoft Club were not all that well packaged in my opinion. There was a small piece of bubble wrap to stop the items moving hugely but the boots were able to move in the box should the parcel company decide to throw the package about. However none of the items arrived damaged.


The item was shipped via Hong Kong Airmail and took about 10 working days to arrive. The item was able to be tracked, however I wasn’t supplied this tracking number. This is no problem as it got here safely.

1st Impressions:

Straight away you can tell the quality of the magazine is far from the quality of the genuine magazine, but as you can expect for ¼ of the price. The magazine looks just as nice as the genuine EMAG and has the sight window on one side with fake bullets in it.


Fitting the Magazine into a variety of rifles it is clear that the size is slightly larger than that of the genuine Pmags that I have tested. The magazine will however fit into the L85 series of rifles, M4/M16 series and PDW rifles. This allows people to have more variety of magazine choice than the standard stanag steel type magazines. I found however these magazines would not fit into my Dboys M4 which the genuine PMAGs did fit into.


The capacity of the magazine is 75 rounds, Star make these magazines in 30 round real cap size and also the 75 round which is better for skirmishing. You don’t have to reload every couple of seconds but you have the benefit of having to change magazines. I would have liked it if they had made a version in 120 rounds as well as then it would be a good compromise on price and quality.


The durability of the magazine is not that of the Genuine Magpul magazines as these are made with ABS but they did withstand drops from the rifle during magazine changes and also the crawling through mud and ferns etc. The magazine I feel won’t stand up to continuous drops onto hard surfaces, but in woodland environment the surface is a bit softer than concrete.


What can you say, Magpul magazine for the price of a steel magazine. Okay fitting may need a bit of adjusting but that will take you 5 minutes with a bit of sandpaper.

The 75 round capacity gives a nice military simulation feel without going over the top and actually only having 30 rounds per magazine.

If only had the magazine been finished with a bit better texture than this would be the perfect magazine for people on a budget.


Usability: 8/10
Value for money: 8/10
Construction: 4/10
Durability: 6/10